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In the life of every woman there are several important outfits: this is a dress for the first communion, a dress for a prom, an outfit for a first date, a suit for an important speech, or a competition, or maybe an interview – those very days when important changes took place in life that affect the course of history, when you feel unique, special and definitely the only one in the whole universe. And the wedding dress rightfully takes pride of place on this list, because saying goodbye to girlhood and entering family life, we are embarking on a completely new path that two people walk hand in hand to share everything equally from now on.

Uniqueness as an integral part of design

Naturally, every bride would like to have a unique dress that belongs only to her, which has no repetitions and analogues – that is why designer wedding fashion is gaining momentum in the world, and the Dream Bridal Couture studio is no exception, because, focusing on classic style and a high level of craftsmanship , cut and quality of all work performed, this studio of designer wedding dress with Ukrainian roots, for 10 years on the world market of designer wedding fashion has managed to win the hearts of thousands of brides from various countries:

  • one can buy wedding dress in USA
  • Europe
  • UAE
  • Canada
  • Saudi Arabia
  • France
  • Netherland
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Romania
  • Morocco
  • Libya
  • Nigeria and more, counting on fast delivery and consistent quality and maximum attention to each order.

Bridal gown and traditional views

We all live in a society that lives and breathes according to generally accepted rules that form the basis of socialization, interaction with each other, our overall effectiveness and mutual assistance. And, although it seems to us that our wedding is only our business, relating exclusively to the bride and groom, and the closest people, however, the wedding itself is a public statement about the creation of a family, and therefore requires compliance with all the traditions and norms adopted in certain countries and societies.

And, although European wedding fashion has an impact on all world cultures, there are still wonderful local wedding traditions that relate directly to the topic of wedding dresses:

  1. So, Muslim brides should cover their neck, arms and shoulders, but the exposure of the hands and feet is allowed. In addition, a modest cut of a Muslim dress is actually an example of luxury and femininity, because you will not find such a number of decorations, especially with floral motifs, chic embroidery and an endless number of upper layers of transparent fabric anywhere.
  2. Filipino brides are forbidden to try on their own wedding dress before the ceremony, so tailoring and fitting are almost random, but Filipino girls believe that following this tradition will help them avoid discord with their future husband.
  3. In Korea today, the color of the outfits of the bride and groom, as well as their mothers, must certainly embody a harmonious combination of yin and yang: for example, the groom and his relatives choose cool colors, most often it is blue, and the bride’s outfit should be red or pink.

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