Madden NFL 22 – ‘Flashbacks’ Rendition for Linebacker, Zach Cunningham

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Zach Cunningham might be a new Tennessee Titans player but NFL 22 has decided to release a new ‘Flashbacks’ Player Card for the 27-year old to remind us of how awesome he was while playing for Houston Texas prior to 2021!

Tennessee Titans might have made a shrewd business decision by signing Zach Cunningham from Houston Texas in 2021.

The American gridiron player is known to be a dependable Linebacker for the Texans and although he has now found a new place to call home, NFL 22 still remembers his great achievements with Houston Texas by giving him a ‘Flashbacks’ Player Card glow up to enjoy with, in-game.

Cunningham’s brand new player card now boasts stats like:

(MLB) Zach Cunningham’s ‘Flashbacks’ Player Card: OVR 96

  • Pursuit, PUR (RunDefence): 96
  • Hit Power, POW (RunDefence): 96
  • Block Shedding, BSH (RunDefence): 95
  • Tackle, TAK (RunDefence): 95
  • Acceleration, ACC (General): 95

Cunningham’s player card archetype is also of Run Stopper, enjoying a few key traits such as:

  • High Motor
  • Strips Ball

Thing is, even with such a high rating of 96, Cunningham’s card price is still considered to be quite reasonable (estimate):

  • Xbox: 121,000 MUT Coins

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