Managing the recruitment revolution

Christine Shewry is Global Head of People and Culture at Insurance Australia Group Limited (IAG). IAG is an international general insurance group with operations in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Asia. It is an umbrella brand with different sub-brands, including Equity Red Star (the UK’s fifth-largest motor insurer), CAA (China’s largest roadside assistance provider) and the widely known NRMA Insurance in Australia. IAG’s businesses underwrite around $7.4 billion’s worth of premiums per annum and employ around 16,000 people.

War for Talent

I arranged a meeting with Christine because of an article in which she talked about the ‘Recruitment Revolution’ and how the brand might be able to manage that revolution. ‘There is a global shortage of talented staff. And since talent is what business needs to deliver their strategies, people become the asset of every business,’ Christine explains. The brand is the technique by which to manage the Recruitment Revolution in order to win the so-called ‘War for Talent’.

Concluding remark

This ‘War for Talent’ had resulted from a long economic boom in the Western world, including Australia. The current economic climate, with rising unemployment figures, might change the balance of power in this ‘War’. That said, professional services firms continue to do well; for instance, PricewaterhouseCoopers reportedly charged £200,000 per hour for overseeing the winding up of Lehman Brother

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