Mendix Vs OutSystems Vs Wavemaker Pricing – Best Low Code Application Development Platform For Enterprises

There are several features that each of these three low code platforms offers. The first of these features is low-code development. This feature is particularly useful for those who have little or no experience developing enterprise application modernization. Unlike other low-code platforms, OutSystems allows you to customize the types of applications you develop and deploy. You can also build a custom app using the custom development tool. The third feature is low-code deployment. The three low code platforms come with varying levels of support.

Streamlined app creation

Another feature is a streamlined app creation process. While Wavemaker and Quick Base provide a simple user interface, they can’t match the ease of use and collaboration that Mendix does. These low-code platforms allow business users to prototype and create applications while keeping required dlp policies in place. However, some organizations may find that OutSystems is the better option.

Low-code development

Both Mendix and OutSystems offer low-code development, but they’re still more complicated for the average user. Fortunately, each of these platforms offers help resources and training courses. They also offer enterprise-ready features like a drag-and-drop interface, which makes them more difficult to use for the average user. Finally, both Mendix and OutSystems can migrate your existing apps to other cloud platforms and on-prem environments.


Appian is the least expensive of the three options. It comes with a trial version, secure cloud, and a free developer’s license for up to 10 developers. As far as features go, Mendix is the most powerful platform. Its cloud native architecture offers mission-critical portability, robustness, and scalable architectures.

Both of these platforms are low-code and have a powerful developer tool. The disadvantage of Mendix is that its interface is somewhat difficult to navigate, while the advantage of OutSystems is the fact that it provides the best documentation. If you’re not interested in learning Java, you can use the Wavemaker platform to create open-source rapid application development platform. OutSystems has a better low-code development environment, but it’s not as powerful as Mendix.

While all three of these platforms are similar in terms of features and ease of use, there are some notable differences between the two. OutSystems is more powerful and is considered the leader for power users. In addition, OutSystems is the best low-code platform for enterprises. And its user-friendly environment makes it popular with small businesses. In this way, it’s hard to compare these two low-code solutions.


Outsystems supports all mobile architectures. Its low-code platform is the number one choice for companies looking for an enterprise low-code solution. The platform’s advanced mobile capabilities make it an excellent choice for businesses that want to integrate their apps with existing systems. A number of other low-code vendors do not support all mobile architectures. This limitation makes it difficult to create modern, high-quality apps.

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The Wavemaker platform is the best choice for enterprises who want to develop hybrid mobile applications. Its UI is easy to use and allows users to build their top low code application development platform from scratch in a week. The platform includes a database, analyzable logic, and motorized backend services. As an alternative, PowerApps offers a desktop environment.

OutSystems has a superior feature set. Although PowerApps supports multiple environments, OutSystems has a steeper learning curve. It is recommended for businesses with Microsoft software infrastructure. Moreover, Wavemaker has a no-obligation demo for the free version. Its premium plans start at $10,000 a month. Compared to other low-code platforms, OutSystems is the most expensive.

In Final:

OutSystems offers more features. OutSystems offers an extensive library of multi-experience UI frameworks. It can also manage the entire software development life cycle with automation. Its users can build on-device business logic and native device access. OutSystems is great for businesses that are on a budget. With its flexible pricing, it’s easy to choose which one is best for your organization. Mendix vs outsystems vs wavemaker vs powerapps low code alternatives are the best.

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