Minibus Hire Oxford

Choose our 24-hour Minibus Hire services and get on-time pick up regardless of the pickup location in the area. Our drivers are conversant with the entire location, and they will take 30 minutes to get to your address. We take time to listen to every customer needs before we make a suggestion. We help you budget and get the most appropriate sedan or MPV. Our rates are the most competitive.

8-9 Seat Minibus Hire Oxford

Choose the 8-9 seat minibus hire option and VI will ensure smooth and comfortable movement for your medium sized group. Don’t cram into your family car or hire multiple cabs when VI has the solution for you. Like with any other group taxi package we help you save.

10-12 Seat Minibus Hire

If your 10 passenger group needs to move across Oxford, VI stays on duty all day and night to serve you. Our drivers have exceptional MPV experience spanning over 15 years. We will negotiate local roads and ensure you get to your destination in one piece.

14-16 and 16-18 Seat Minibus Hire Services

A group with 14 or 18 passengers can choose to travel for business or leisure in the 14-16 seat minibus hire vehicle and enjoy the spacious cabin. You can work or just relax in the reclining seat. The music, video or LCD screen system will keep you and your group entertained.

Airport Taxi

The punctuality that you will get when you choose our airport taxi service is second to none. We are always at the stipulated airport with our vehicles ready to take you home. We have polite drivers who meet and greet you courteously at the airport. Contact us.

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