Motorcycle Endorsement Frequently Asked Questions

You may want a learner’s motorcycle permit or license but have no idea where to begin. Everybody starts somewhere, and the good thing is that it is easy to obtain a permit. Whether you are a complete novice or possess some skills in riding a motorcycle, you only need to prepare and be willing to learn and use your common sense. Every state has its specific laws on obtaining an endorsement or a license. The following are generally asked questions about motorcycle endorsement and getting a permit. If you want to learn more about endorsement and requirements, click here. Here are the questions that most people ask.

Can I get an endorsement if I know nothing about riding a motorcycle?

Yes, you can get the permit even if you don’t know anything about motorcycles. Each state provides education to learners before giving them the test. You will start from where you know and add skills as you go on.

Can I go direct to the test if I have riding skills?

Yes. If you already have the skills, it is even better. You will schedule the test where you will showcase your skills before earning the license. However, before getting a license, you must pass a written permit test before demonstrating your skills.

Will I need the endorsement to ride in the streets?

According to the law, you need a license or a permit to operate a motorcycle on the road. However, you may be excluded if you drive off the road. So, get off the pavement and join other riders on the trail. Some states allow you to ride a motorcycle with a basic driving license even without a motorcycle endorsement. So, know the rules in your state and adhere to them.

How will I get the permit?

You get a permit before you are endorsed to ride a motorcycle. However, there are limitations to what you can do with the permit, like driving at night, carrying a passenger, or riding on a freeway. The limits differ with states. Getting the permit requires you to take a short test to demonstrate your skills and basic knowledge of motorcycles. So, ensure you are ready for both written and practical tests to get the permit.

How will I get the license?

Getting a motorcycle license means you can ride without any limitations. After a short course ride, you will need to be approved by the evaluator. Remember, you must come with a registered motorcycle, insurance, and pass an inspection to pass the test. The evaluator will need to see your riding skills and ability to command the bike confidently.

How much will the license cost?

There is no fixed cost of obtaining a motorcycle license because prices vary with state. However, you will pay a small fee to get the permit and the license. You may have to add a few bucks if you want a motorcycle endorsement to your license.


These are commonly asked questions about motorcycle endorsement. Going over the basics and learning what you need to get a permit before being endorsed to ride a motorcycle is essential. The process is easy, but you need to pass the test.

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