Must-Have Washer Features for Laundry Service

Whether starting a new laundry business or upgrading your washers and dryers, you have to know their must-have features. These days, several new machine features have surfaced to make laundry day more bearable. 

Dual-Bin Washer and Dryer

Your clients seek laundry service to make their laundry time faster and convenient. It will always be overwhelming washing a mountain of clothes and linens on a wash day. You can upgrade your single-bin washer and dryer to dual bins.

The dual-bin washer and dryer are equipped with two separate bins. You can wash the delicates with the other regular garments simultaneously. Moreover, your clients can rent one washer or dryer and simultaneously do all the work. Although the laundry service rate would cost more, your clients are more concerned with the efficiency and convenience you can offer.

Self-Cleaning Washer for Lesser Maintenance

No laundry service owner would want to pay for a hefty repair cost. That’s why it is best to have a self-cleaning washer for lesser maintenance. It includes a special cleaning cycle that helps keep the bins clean and odor-free. 

However, do not solely rely on this self-cleaning feature. You have to do a general cleaning to ensure that your washer and dryer survive longer.

Quite and Gentle Machines

Would it be fine for you if your laundry shop is noisy? Old models of washers and dryers swirls and thrash around like tsunami. The noise they make throws off the harmonious atmosphere you try to create in your shop. 

If this scenario happens in your shop, it is time to upgrade your washer and dryer with noice and vibration cancellation feature. Machines with this feature has a Dynamic Balancing Technology. An advanced technology that prevents all the wet clothes staying on one side of the bin resulting to no shake or rattle. 

What are the standard laundry features?

Aside from having the must-have new features, your washer and dryers should still bear the standard laundry features. The high technology features may catch your attention, but these standard, everyday features has a bigger impact.

Your washers should have:

  • Temperature setting: It should have the hot and cold water setting.
  • Stain remover: Your washer has a pre-wash cycle setting to help breakdown stains.
  • Custom setting: Allows the user to create and customize favorite wash cycle setting.
  • Water level sensor: The machine can sense if the bin is almost full and adjusts the water accordingly.
  • Sanitation cycle: Deep clean cycle to remove the bacteria and allergens.

Moreover, your dryers should have these standard features:

  • Moisture sensor: Determines how damp the clothes are and adjusts the drying time.
  • Drying rack: It has a detachable rack inside the bin for drying delicate clothes.
  • Stainless steel drum: Stainless steel for dryers do not absorb disolor, odors, and reduces static cling.

You need to look for the important features when buying a new or upgrading your washer and dryer. Do not be overwhelmed with the thousands of brands, styles, and features available. Stick to what you need.

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