No-Viren – Lilac Corp specializes in Natural Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Treatments

Lilac Corp specializes in natural broad-spectra l antiviral treatments. Broad-spectrum means that it works against a variety of viruses. Viral diseases include SARS, herpes, shingles, and influenza. Using an AI program, Computer Intuition, Lilac Corp develops antivirals to fight various viral infections. This program has helped develop several new natural broad-spectrum antivirals.


One company specializing in natural broad-spectrum antiviral remedies is Lilac Corp. This company produces herbal treatments for the treatment of various types of viral infections. One product in their line, Gene-Eden-VIR/Novirin, has been tested in several clinical studies following FDA guidelines. The results of these studies were published in scientific journals. You can find a list of all the published studies of antiviral treatments on Google.

Various compounds are being developed to combat viruses. Glycomimetics, decoy lectins and glycosaminoglycan are among these compounds. These compounds may prove to be effective broad-spectrum antivirals. These agents also have the added benefit of being safe for the body. The research is ongoing and we will keep you posted on any new developments.

The ideal broad-spectrum antiviral would target a common viral property or function. Most viruses are membrane-enveloped, meaning they require host cell metabolic resources to survive. By targeting these co-opted factors, such as DNA, viruses are rendered harmless. The drugs would not only block the replication of these viruses but would also block the underlying processes that allow them to replicate in the body.

Herpes Treatment

While herpes treatment outbreaks usually disappear on their own within 10 days of infection, many patients need medical care to control their herpes and its painful symptoms. Although herpes symptoms can severely limit a patient’s quality of life, self-care measures such as bathing in salt water or passing urine while bathing can alleviate the discomfort. People also need to wear loose, cotton underwear and take pain killers if necessary.

The Benefits of Taking a Natural Supplement

Several studies have demonstrated that taking a natural supplement can help treat a variety of medical conditions. These studies have shown that vitamin D, osteocalcin, and chondroitin sulfate have significant anti-oxidant effects and are able to increase stem cell differentiation. The combination of these supplements was also found to improve calcium deposition and Alizarin Red S staining, both of which are markers of bone formation activity. Mesenchymal stem cells treated with a natural supplement also produced higher amounts of type II collagen and glycosaminoglycan, biomarkers of cartilage.

Herbal Treatment for a Variety of Ailments

Although many people do not consider alternative herbs as a viable alternative therapy, some patients have experienced positive results. In addition to reducing their symptoms, these remedies are also a good option for people with certain medical conditions. Herbal treatment are popular among patients who are interested in creating a variety of ailments. A recent study in Britain found that patients treated with TCM herbal medicine experienced fewer side effects than those treated with conventional drugs. This could be due to the individual formulation of herbal medicine.

Genital Herpes Treatment

For most people, genital herpes treatment outbreaks are not painful and the first episode of the disease may go undetected. After exposure, however, the first bout may bring red bumps, sore muscles, and swollen glands. In subsequent bouts, symptoms usually become less severe and reoccur less frequently. Genital herpes is caused by a virus that lies dormant in the nerve mass at the base of the spine. The virus can be transmitted from one person to another during any form of skin-to-skin sexual contact, such as oral or vaginal sex.


There are several antiviral medications that are commonly prescribed for viral infections. These medicines work to fight specific types of viruses. They can reduce the risk of spreading the virus and make it latent. However, they can also make a virus resistant to antiviral drugs. While many antiviral medications are safe for young children, pregnant women, and nursing mothers, they do not work for chronic viral infections. The safety of antiviral medications is important to check with your healthcare provider before beginning any treatment.

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