OKVIP – Attractive remuneration policy for employees

Okvip ensure all benefits for employees, so it attracts a large number of employees who want to contribute to the corporation. When you become an official puzzle piece, you will receive an extremely attractive treatment, let’s find out the details.

Reasons to apply to be an employee at OKVip

If you are an official employee at this media and entertainment group, you will enjoy good benefits such as:

  • The company provides policy on benefits and compensation in different aspects. Specifically, the insurance packages ensure to meet the needs of employees such as health insurance, mental health care, accident insurance, etc.
  • The Group focuses on creating conditions for employees to develop to their fullest potential. Specifically, with intensive training courses from experts, employees will have the opportunity to promote their hidden strengths and seize career opportunities.

Reasons to work at OKVip

  • Salary and bonus policies are also focused to show the appreciation of employees’ efforts. The unit has a competitive salary and bonus program based on work performance, personal achievements…
  • OKVip also always improve to bring a positive, professional and united working environment. For example, always accept the contributions of employees, encourage the contribution of business ideas, etc.
  • Depending on different job positions, there will be different salary and bonus regimes, but in general, the system always ensures that employees have time and space to relax later.

Official employee benefits when working at OKVip

When you become an official employee at Asia’s leading media and entertainment group, you will enjoy a decent salary and many other benefits. Let’s find out some basic benefits when working and paying at the company.

Attractive salary, lots of extra income

OKVip offer a salary in a similar position higher than the general level of the labor market. In addition to the income as a hard salary, you also receive other items such as commissions, KPIs, attendance, project-based bonuses and capacity…

As long as you work effectively, complete the task excellently, you will definitely receive a worthy income. Moreover, the company also commits to pay salary on time, ensuring no delay in salary payment.

Official employees are fully insured

Compared with other companies and corporations, the union always ensures the benefits for employees, especially in terms of insurance premiums. Employees are always paid a full range of social insurance in accordance with labor law such as health insurance, social insurance.

Reasonable working time

Whether working online or offline, employees still have paid leave days as usual, excluding weekends and holidays. In addition, employees are also entitled to a full number of vacation days in the year, maternity leave, filial piety, sickness, etc.

OKVip create conditions for employees to work with suitable time

Employees will have time to work with full focus and productivity and also have time to rest and relieve stress after stressful working hours. Although the salary is high, there is absolutely no problem okvip trade policies to exploit workers.

OKVip Provide accommodation and living support for employees

In the regulations on benefits that the official employees of the corporation enjoy, you will receive a monthly meal payment. Besides, in terms of accommodation and activities, there are also fully-equipped dormitories for employees, completely free.

The place is fully equipped with amenities such as internet, washing machine, air conditioner, etc. Security in the living area is also safe, so all employees are assured when working for this corporation.

Salary bonus for each working position at OKVip

Information about salary when working at Asia’s leading entertainment group is always a topic of interest to employees, specifically:

Salary while working at OKVip Locations

  • Leader SEO staff has a fixed salary of 60 million / month with additional incomes such as commissions, KPIs, …
  • Website seo staff have a hard salary of 15 to 25 million / month depending on capacity + attractive commission.
  • SEO Content staff has a hard salary of 15 to 35 million / month depending on capacity + attractive commission.
  • IT Apps Developer employees have a fixed salary of 50 to 60 million/month depending on capacity + attractive commission.
  • Digital Marketing staff has a hard salary of 50 to 60 million / month depending on capacity + high commission.
  • OA Assistant staff has a fixed salary of 20 to 23 million/month depending on capacity + high commission.

Above are detailed information about the group’s employee compensation regime OKVip. If you feel qualified and satisfied with the above employment policies, please send your CV to the human resources department immediately to apply.

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