Online Gaming with 5G Tester Equipment & RF Drive Test Tools

5G is the next generation or the new standard in mobile connectivity as it enables to load websites, and download files faster, stream video quicker than any other previous generation of mobile network. With all these features in mind, you may be wondering whether 5G great for online gaming? The answer is Yes. Apart from much lower latency and faster downloads, 5G is portable, which means mobile gamers can game anywhere if they have a network signal that will give a major advantage over fixed-line broadband connections. Moreover, 5G will continue to get much better in the coming years and will also help to speed up the adoption of emerging gaming technologies, such as cloud-based gaming and virtual reality. So, now let us see why is 5G a better option for gaming along with Smart 5g tester, 5G test equipment, 5g network tester tools and Smart 4G Testing RF drive test software, Cellular LTE RF drive test tools & equipment in detail.

Here, a question may arise, why is 5G a better option for gaming? Here is a list of reasons.

  • Lightning fast and ultra-low latency: 5G can hit extra fast speed up to 10 Gbps in lab conditions, which is faster than the Wi-Fi connection. Apart from lightning speed, latency is also an important factor for online gaming as it can measure the time, like how long it takes to send and receive requests to a server. 5G network has lower latency which is the main factor of delivering significantly lower pings than 4G mobile networks (low ping will take shorter time for your actions to register in game).
  • Extra fast download speed: 5G has extra fast download speeds as 5G can reach download speeds of 10 Gbps. This speed would be much faster compared to previous generations, which means anything can be downloaded in a few seconds, even mobile games or game resources pack.
  • Portable and smooth access: 5G provides you with a great feature called portability which means you can take your internet with you wherever you go, but yes, if network coverage is available there. With 5G, you can use the internet even by moving from here and there via a personal hotspot on a 5G mobile phone, a 5G mobile broadband dongle, or a 5G home broadband router. Thus, online games can be played at your home, on the train, and in a park via cloud-based gaming.

There is no doubt in that 5G is future of gaming. According to game developers, 5G will change the future of gaming. Cloud gaming is based on powerful cloud servers will allow the gamers to stream games directly onto their TV or PC with a monthly subscription tv bucetas.

5G with extra fast speeds and lower latency is not only for mobile gaming but also for game consoles and PCs. And to take advantage of the speed and power of 5G networks, there are options like 5G dongles and 5G broadband routers that you can use for online gaming.


If you’re thinking to try out the 5G network on online gaming then you can either use 5G-enabled smartphones (iPhone 12, OnePlus 9, Samsung Galaxy S21, etc.) or buy a 5G Router and 5G Dongle. And make sure, a 5G network is available and there are 5G towers nearby in that area where you want to play the online games. So, to avail of uninterrupted network connectivity while playing your favorite games online, you will need a network testing and monitoring solution. To meet such requirements, go for a non-traditional method which is called RantCell instead of a traditional one. Why choose RantCell? The first and foremost reason is a mobile phone-based app will let you measure the network performance even siting at your place or remotely and save you money by avoiding visiting the site and purchasing the hardware. Another important point of choosing RantCell is generating test reports in real-time by its web-based dashboard and so on.

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