Organizing consumption and production

Branding is not simply a collection of new business tools or a mere reflection of cultural change in society at large, which is why it’s really important to hire a PPC ads service for your company. Rather, as our two examples of Bernays and ING have shown, it is a new kind of thinking that has deeply infiltrated the way we manage organization and markets, production and consumption. Brands are a new axis that connects production and consumption with each other. With Bernays, commodities turned into brands that convey meaning.

At ING, the brand entirely transforms the internal operations of the organization. The ING brand re-structures how the organization engages with its environments and how it manages, organizes and strategizes internally.How did branding evolve into such a powerful organizing principle? In the story of The Century of the Self, we witnessed the birth of something important: a product was not defined by its functionality anymore but by its symbolic powers and associations.

In fact, changing a product did not require changing its functionality. Rather, it meant changing people’s perceptions and interpretations of the product – which is an entirely different matter. Something started to happen, to emerge between people and products, that could not be attributed to people nor to the product. The brand emerged as interface between the emotional world of consumption and the rational world of production. The brand was that powerful yet hard to define interface where supply met demand that persuaded and seduced.

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