Parlay bets: use or avoid?

Experienced betters surely know what is parlay or accumulator in betting. Moreover, the attitude to parlays is completely different among the punters: some love them and try their luck only with accumulators, while the others avoid them. Why such a situation exists?

What is a parlay bet?

Parlays is one of the betting types, which is focused on big wins because of odds multiplying. For instance, if we are sure that three teams will win on the upcoming weekend and all with the odds of 2.0, betting $30 will bring us “only” $60 (betting $10 for each game will bring us $20). However, if we bet all $30 for the accumulative odds of 8.0 (2.0*2.0*2.0), we can win $240. It make parlays were attractive, but a loss of even one event in the accumulator will lead to a loss of all $30, while three separate bets could bring $40 in return. By the way, you can watch free cricket predictions by following the link.

Benefits of using accumulators in betting

Of course, the major positive feature of betting using parlays is the possibility to win big. Taking 5 or 10 games makes the final odds really crazy. To some extent, it look similar to some kinds of looteries, where you should guess the outcome for 10+ events and grab a jackpot for the tiny bet. Unlike to such lotteries that offer tough matches to predict, you can choose the events and bets for them yourself and still win big. People, who are trying to beat bookmakers, surely know and tried accumulators at least once.

Main danger of parlays

The drawback of parlay is also pretty simple and visible for everyone. As the odds is the representation of chances for the event to happen, multiplying chances means decreasing them drastically. Thus, 5 bets with the odds of 2.0 each, means multiplying chances of 50% five times, which finalizes with the overal outcome of the parlay to happen with the chances of 3.1%. So, guessing the outcome of the sports matches turns to guessing a pretty crazy occasion form the mathematical point of view. If you want to make a bet, we recommend that you get a 1xbet promo code and get bonuses from the bookmaker.

Use or not to use?

Of course, aside the lovers and haters of accumulators, there are pretty much punters who use a golden middle. Thus, they are using parlays with the odds of 1.3-1.5 for 2-3 events. For instance, they can bet on heavy favourites in the football matches like Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and Manchester City in their responsive championships simultaneously. And while choosing Man City, Real, and Bayern for the odds of 1.3 makes not so many profit if bet separately, multiplying them leads to the parlay overall odds to be 2.2, which is much more attractive and looks pretty safe at the same time.

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