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Online courses have become popular among students for various reasons. Such courses are offered for a large variety of subjects and topics. Not only do students benefit from these courses, but also working professionals can use such courses to learn about subjects that interest them or add more skills to their resume and get ready for a job change. Other than the variety there are a lot of other benefits as well of online courses. Online courses allow flexibility. You can be present anywhere and use a mobile app to watch course videos or read your study material. This can also be done at any time as there is no fixed schedule. The best part of online courses is that you can apply for courses from across the world. You could be here in India and apply for an online course from a tutor in Japan or a world-renowned university in the UK or anywhere else. Students have access to more opportunities using online courses. They also have better access to more resources for learning. They can make use of videos, real-time data and so many simulation-based apps and websites to learn better and understand with examples as well. Online courses make use of multiple tools to help students understand the concepts better and give them a clearer understanding of each topic. The platforms used for conducting online courses offer the course videos, lecture videos series, study material, additional reading links and also assignments and tests. If the students are dedicated to learning better and knowing more about the subject they have applied for, then such courses are the best method for them and allow them to explore beyond the scope of their school or college curriculum and the world of books and notebooks. 

Online courses are conducted on a variety of platforms and each platform has its set of features. There are also some benefits of using the different types of platforms for online courses. In this article, we will be discussing the different online courses platforms and their features. This will help students identify the right platform for their online course and choose a platform that will make learning convenient for them. 

Online courses are conducted using websites, apps and software that are compatible with a number of devices like Smartphones, tablets, laptops and personal computers. This type of course is available for extra classes and additional help with the subjects that are included in a student’s school or college curriculum. This type of course is similar to tuitions that students used to take in the offline method of learning. Other than these such courses also offer subjects and topics for entrance exam preparations. Be it coaching for engineering, medical, architecture, finance courses or any other entrance exams for the leading colleges and universities in India, you can find an online course for the same. This will allow you to learn what is taught in coaching centres from home and save time on travelling. It will also allow you to learn at your own pace and according to your schedule. An online course can also be taken up by college students to add a skill to the resume that they are building for seeking a job in the future. Oftentimes these courses are available for the most in-demand skills in the job market and similar courses are also taken up by professionals who are awaiting a promotion or a job change. 

No matter which type of course you choose, you can complete the same using the following platforms:

  • Software/Desktop Apps: A student can download and install the software for their choice of course or find the desktop app for the same. Once installed, the student can start using the same for attending classes and completing the course. The drawback of this platform would be that the student will need a laptop or computer for taking classes. Also, you might have to use your Smartphone to scan and upload your assignments. Regular updates will have to be done by the students to access better and new features and versions. 
  • Websites: An online courses website can be accessed and used using both mobiles and laptops or PCs. Still, this is a better platform for laptops and PCs as many websites are not compatible with Smartphones. There is no need for updates on websites and the student can access them using anyone’s device. 
  • Mobile Apps: The most convenient platform for online courses is a mobile app also named an online courses app. This can be accessed using your Smartphone and the apps will be auto-updated to get you the latest versions and improvised features. Using mobile apps allows you to learn from anywhere and at any time. 

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