Play Tala Game 789BET And What You Need To Know

Play Ta La game  with difficult rules do you know? Follow the article below of to know more aboutPlay This article also includes its terminology and correct play. From there, you can easily bring home great rewards when Ù succeeds.

What you need to know about Play Ta La game 

 Play Ta La game  Also known by another name is Phom (Ta La is called the South and Phom is called the North area). this is aPlay The card uses a 52-card deck and has been developed for a long time in our country. Currently, at the house 789BET, Ta La is also warmly welcomed.

To conquer this game, the player must eat all of others or draw cards. Whoever has the most phonographs and finishes the cards the fastest wins.

Learn how to  Play Ta La game  789BET

Learn essential terms in Play Ta La game 

To conquerPlay This lesson requires each player to understand the meaning of the important terms of the game.

  • Phom – 3 or more cards of consecutive value (of the same suit) or 3 cards of the same value. For example 456 (checkers) or 444.
  • Junk Cards – Are odd cards and cannot generate Phom.
  • Ù – This is the moment when a player has 3 phm, this is also the time when that player wins.
  • Venom – The remaining cards after the dealer has dealt with all players.
  • Móm – Used to refer to the player who did not defeat any Phở even though the match was over.
  • Take the Pawn – Used to refer to the last turn of junk but still being eaten by someone else’s last card.
  • Send – Considered a player’s privilege on the last turn. If your junk card can match the winner’s Phom then you may be given the option to send. And at the end of that match you will not be counted for that card.
  • Re: When the hand is over but there is still someone on the table who has taken the ending card, the played cards will move and then you also have an extra turn.

Terms to grasp when playing Ta La game

You need to pay attention to the terms above to be able to conquer Steam game Ta La .

Instructions on how to play the simple game of Ta La

If you are still confused with the way Steam game Ta La  you can refer below:

Rules of playing Ta La

MA game of Ta La willcatchheadwithMinimum 2 players and maximum 4 players. Each player will be dealt 9 cards and the one who is the one will be dealt 10 cards (first hit). Each round is started counter-clockwise and starts with the dealer (holding 10 cards).

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A simple tutorial on how to play Play Ta La game 

The first round of Steam game Ta La  comes from a player with 10 cards, specifically:

  • Step 1: The first player will give a random card. And it’s the next person’s turn to play, if that card can form Phom (combined with the cards in your hand), you get it, but if that card is meaningless, you ignore it and play 1 junk card for next person.
  • Step 2: The next player to continue will continue the hand as the previous player. Specifically, you will proceed to collect that card (if you can create Phom) or draw another card and play 1 card for the next person.
  • Step 3: The round will be repeated until there is one person Ù. In the case of no one Ù, when the cards run out, the winner will be found based on the junk card score.

Note, at every turn, whether you can create Phom or not, you must play 1 card for the next person. And in the last turn, the players have to take down all the Phom. Then send your junk cards to the other players and proceed to play the last card. In the end, each person’s remaining junk cards will be calculated to determine the winner and loser, the fewer points, the easier it will be for you to win.

How to calculate Ta La score

In the case of no one Ù, each player’s score will be calculated as follows:

How to calculate the standard score when playing the card game Ta La

  •  Whoever has the lowest Trash card score wins.
  • Cards A, J, Q, K have the same number of points as 1, 11, 12, 13 respectively. The remaining cards will carry the value stated on that card.
  • In the case of two players with the same number of points, the person who lowers the card first will win.
  • The score of the first person is 6 points
  • The score of the runner-up is – 1 point
  • Third place’s score is – 2 points
  • The score of the last person is – 3 points
  • The score of the person who is pinned down is – 4 points
  • The score of the taker is 4 points
  • The score of people with buzzing, buzzing is 15 points
  • For those who are burned / bitten, they will lose 4 points (this score will be added to the winner).


Here’s what you need to know about Steam game Ta La . If you are looking to change the wind with thePlay If the post requires calculation and thinking, Ta La will be an interesting choice. Hope the above sharing of 789BET house will help you conquerPlay This article also has the most comfortable moments.

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