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Cricket bets

No need to forget that Cricket is the most popular sport in India now. The Cricket World Cup was hosted by the country and an Indian national team won it on multiple occasions. That’s one of the main reasons for the high popularity of Cricket bets (more than 80% of all bets in India). And all the fans are waiting for the Chennai Super Kings vs Mumbai Indians match during the Indian Premier League. But not just IPL is held every year.

There are lots of other competitions all around the world that can be interesting for betting. Especially since the odds for the 2022 season are advantageous.


Here are some of the best TOP rated Cricket competitions for Indian bettors:

  • Cricket Leagues
  • Indian Premier League (IPL)
  • ICC World Cup (ICC CWC)
  • World T20
  • ICC Champions Trophy (ICC)
  • The Ashes Series (The Ashes)

The Indian Premier League has been, for sure, the most popular Cricket championship in the world for the last few years. That’s why by choosing the IPL matches for bet an Indian sportsbook client will get the best betting odds, point spreads and money lines. This year the competition will take place on March 26-29. One more important reason to pick this exact championship for betting is that only Indian teams participate there.

One more intriguing Cricket tournament – ICC World Cup. This year the ICC CWC will be held till April 3rd. During this competition, bettors will have lots of great opportunities for making a bet on the best terms. There are lots of strong national teams representing individual countries with high motivation and in great shape. That’s why with the ICC World Cup odds lots of bettors are making good money. But it’s possible only subject to high-quality preparation and analysis of head-to-head match statistics.


Also, all the bettors, here in India, could bet on World T20, which is just a separate area of the World Cup. Dozens of teams meeting there so there are lots of matches for available bets. But for the profitable bets, it is worth conducting preliminary analysis and deliberately choosing a match. Sure here all the players have a strong motivation to win and get there according to their actual ranking in the standings. The most favourable odds the bettors will see in the Live section with the wide betting line and many additional outcomes.

The bettor needs to focus on the main factors that affect the event results and understand the championship rules. Bet on Cricket without quality preparation will not succeed so odds will not result in profit. To increase the correct prediction chances and choose the best odds it is really important to check if there are changes in the championship rules for now. Remember that every competition has its regulations so one of the first steps to real profit is to read the last changes and understand how to predict winners. Here bettors can use their own system and predictions or buy it from one of the professional cappers who relied on statistics and analysis. Prediction on buying is the best choice for newbies who are trying to earn some money on Cricket bets.

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