Quality discrimination and maintenance of SKF aligning roller bearings

SKF bearing repair and maintenance, in order to ensure the reliability of operation, forward productivity, economy, in order to avoid trouble in the first place, to ensure the reliability of operation, forward productivity, economy, can ensure excellent conditions of long-term self-aliding roller bearing adhere to the original function.

SKF bearing cleaning: gasoline is often used, kerosene is used as a common cleaner. After disassembling the bearing maintenance, the appearance of the bearing is initially recorded. After confession, the lubricant remaining in the bearing is washed at the beginning and the amount of lubricating oil is checked. Coarse and fine cleaning, cleaning and cleaning points, respectively, on the container, first put the clean metal bottom, so the SKF bearing does not directly contact the grime of the container.

1. Feel the bearing quality through the appearance

In the process of selling SKF bearings, I found that many customers said that if the appearance of aligning roller bearings is bright, the quality is good, which is wrong. The appearance of SKF bearing should be a kind of dark, the reason for the formation of this dark is whether the steel used by the bearing reaches the standard and its grinding process and the cutting fluid used, which have two main.

2 Whether the chamfer is bright

The chamfer of SKF bearing does not determine the quality of bearing, but reflects the processing method of bearing. Chamfer black, clarify that through quenching and other heat treatment, so increase the hardness of bearings, and some people think that black chamfer is not good looking is not processed thoroughly, this is a misunderstanding.

3, one adhere to the frame is better than the two body, although the new process is the use of one adhere to the frame, but it is only to save the data, and the reverse function is worse than the two body.

In general, the application life of SKF bearings is related to three elements, one is the quality of the bearing itself. The second is the application environment. The third is the installation method.

Aligning roller bearing repair and discrimination: to confirm that the bearing is deleted, it can be used to check the cleaned bearing.

Maintenance includes: monitoring of working conditions, repair and replacement of lubricants, punctual disassembly and inspection, and preferably adherence to punctual and proper working practices, working conditions of machines. Maintenance operations, a rotating sound, oscillation, temperature, lubrication conditions, SKF bearings and other off-shape bearing problems, you can be checked by rolling the body, the outer ring raceway surface.

Check the raceway, raceway, cage wear appearance condition, SKF self-aligning roller bearing void increases, and there is an unusual size without damage to the accuracy of the decrease. Non-separating ball bearing, on the one hand, inner ring support level, rotating outer ring confessed smoothly.

Large bearings, because they can not be rotated by hand, pay attention to check the tumbling body raceway, adhere to the frame, ribs and other appearance, SKF bearings are of higher importance, and should be checked more staid.

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