Questions the Insurance Company May Ask After A Car Accident 

Insurance companies play a significant role in settling car accident cases. When you get injured in an accident caused by another party, you can seek compensation for your damages. However, you should be prepared for the many questions they may ask you. It is noteworthy that the insurance company will ask you these questions regardless of whether they believe they were at fault or not. 

It is easy to get trapped in the insurance company’s tricky questions. You must answer every question carefully as one wrong word can weaken your claim. A personal injury lawyer Wyoming can make sure that your rights are protected. 


After you go through an accident with another party, you can expect a call from the other party’s insurance company. They may conduct a minor interview over the phone or, when situations are extreme, they may even ask for an in-person interview. Remember that these meetings are conducted only for the purpose of seeking information and facts rather than an interrogation. 

One more thing you should keep in mind is having the conversation recorded. Before they begin the interview, be it over the phone or in person, they will ask you whether you are okay with recording. It is important to remember that you have the right to say no. You are under no legal obligation to agree to a recorded interview. Therefore, if you are uncomfortable with your words being recorded, you can refuse their request. If they pressurize you, you can tell them that you are well aware of your rights. 

Common interview questions 

The circumstances of every car accident insurance interview are unique. However, certain standard questions apply to all types of cases. Some of the common questions include: 

  • Where and when did the accident happen?
  • What vehicle were you driving at the time of the accident?
  • Who was involved?
  • How did the accident happen?
  • What damage has your vehicle suffered?
  • Did you have passengers?
  • Who caused the accident?
  • Does your vehicle need repair? 
  • Have you taken your car to an auto or body shop?
  • Which direction were you going?
  • Was a police report drafted or an accident report filed?
  • Did you see or hear anything that can help us determine the cause of the accident?
  • Did you suffer any injuries?
  • Were you wearing your seatbelt?
  • Did anyone witness the accident? If so, do you have their contact information?

These questions may sound simple to answer, but the insurance company can easily twist your answers. Having a Wyoming legal expert can prevent you from saying anything that might weaken your case. 

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