Reasons To Contest Your Divorce. 

A divorce is an emotionally painful procedure. It is also a legally complex process and causes the rise of several issues such as division of property, alimony, child custody, and child support. It can be challenging to resolve such issues with your spouse and reach a mutually beneficial agreement, which leads to a contested divorce. 

The presence of a skilled and resourceful Divorce lawyer in Houston can significantly benefit your case. They understand your situation in-depth and offer you advice on the most appropriate way to proceed. Their guidance enables you to take the proper steps throughout your divorce. 

Why should you choose a contested divorce?

  • Prevent hiding of assets. 

After a divorce, each spouse is worried about the state of their financial future and may have disputes over the ownership of assets and debts. If you are under the impression that your spouse is hiding assets to protect them from being distributed equitably, a contested divorce may be in the best interest of your financial security. The assets involved in your divorce also impact the spousal and child support you may be entitled to, and a concealed asset reduces the actual amount you deserve. Discovery is a process before the trial that helps you obtain complete financial information and prevents your spouse from hiding assets. 

  • Spousal support. 

Spousal support is an amount that one spouse is required to pay to the other after the duration of a specific period. The spouses may have disagreements over the value of alimony that should be given and for how long. A contested divorce allows a judge to assess each spouse’s situation and consider factors such as the couple’s standard of living, the spouse’s age, health, and qualifications, and ability of the spouse to manage the payment and support themselves, to make a fair decision. 

  • Child custody and support. 

The spouses may be in a state of distress and do not consider their children’s best interests during the divorce proceedings. They may try to use their children as pawns to hurt the other spouse as “revenge” and cannot agree on matters such as who should have physical and legal custody and how much child support should be paid. During a court procedure, the welfare and best interest of the child are prioritized. Decisions are made after carefully assessing each parent’s situation, ensuring the security of the child’s future. 

A contested divorce involves several complications, and without the presence of a lawyer, you may encounter multiple obstacles. A divorce lawyer offers you legal support and advice through every stage of the process and helps you have peace of mind. 

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