Reasons Why My Central A/C Doesn’t Blow Cool Air

You turned on your central air conditioner and noticed no cool air is coming out of the vent.  Is this something you need to worry about? Or does it mean you have to bring in the experts for diagnosis and A/C repair in Cal City, CA?

The answer will depend on the severity of the problem. A/C problems are very common, and they can also be very expensive to repair. If you’re having an issue with your central A/C not blowing cool air, here are some of the most common reasons why this is happening.

Dirty Coils

A dirty coil can cause a central air conditioner not to blow cool air properly. When dirt or dust accumulates on the unit’s coils, they reduce how fast heat is transferred from inside your home throughout the A/C. Make sure you check and clean the coil regularly.

Blown Fuse

One of the easiest ways to determine if you have blown a fuse is to check the power. If all power in the house goes out when you turn on the A/C, then you might be experiencing a  blown fuse. It could also happen when there is a more severe issue with A/C going on. Immediately schedule your A/C repair in Cal City, CA to avoid costly damages.

Dirty Air Filter

The purpose of an air conditioner filter is to capture dust particles, dirt, pollen and other airborne pollutants before they enter your home and cause allergy or asthma problems. If the filter in your system is clogged up with all sorts of debris, this can reduce how much air flows through the unit, ultimately reducing how cool air blows throughout the house. Replacing the filter regularly is a job you can do yourself and doesn’t need an expert’s attention.

Faulty Blower Motor

If you hear a loud rattling or grinding sound, but no cool air is blowing into your home even though your A/C is turned on, then there’s a good chance that you have a bad blower motor. Most people are likely to ignore these noises and assume that things are running normally until the sounds get very bad and reach an unbearable level. You can replace the blower motor to solve it, but if the issue continues, then there’s a chance of bigger issues on other parts. Schedule an A/C repair in Cal City, CA right away.

Bad Capacitors or Fan Motor

The capacitor works together will the fan motor to help move air throughout the system. If the capacitor fails, the fan motor’s operation can also be obstructed. Your system may fail to blow cool air into your home.

You may often try to repair your central A/C when they start showing signs of not blowing cool air anymore. And it turns out that you end up making things worse. It’s best to contact the pros for quality A/C repair in Cal City, CA. The capacitor is a sensitive part, so it’s not a good idea to apply easy DIY fixes on it.

Loose Wiring or Electrical Connections

Your system’s wiring connections can be affected if your home has been damaged by stormy weather or frequent power outages in some areas of your town. It’s possible that some loose wiring could affect how well this system works for you and might even cause it not to work at all.

In addition, if one of the wires comes loose from its connection to the thermostat, this can be a cause for your system not to work. Hire the experts for quality A/C repair in Cal City, CA.

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