Red Flags in a Car Accident Attorney in Lake Oswego 

After getting into a car accident, the first person you would want to speak to is an experienced Lake Oswego car accident attorney. A car accident attorney plays a vital role in the success of your compensation. Having a reasonable attorney by your side will ensure you get the maximum compensation that covers your injuries and damages. Whereas having an attorney on whom you cannot rely will waste your time and money and affect the outcome of your case. 

Therefore, it is crucial to find the best lawyer and notice the red flags so you can be safe from the start. Here are a few red flags to look for:

  •  There is a lack of communication between you and the attorney. 

Attorneys handle multiple cases, and they have a hectic schedule. However, this does not mean they will lack communication with you about your case. If you notice your attorney takes days to respond and is never there for you when you have something crucial about the case to share or solve your queries, it is time to switch your attorney. 

  • The attorney does not have a clear strategy for your case. 

Each car accident case is different from the other. Therefore, your attorney needs to evaluate your case and build a solid strategy to help you get successful compensation. The insurance company will use its tactics and lower your compensation amount without a good plan. 

  • They do not clearly tell you about the fee structure or raise the decided percentage in the middle. 

It is common for attorneys to raise their fees in the middle of the case. One of the common excuses for hiking the fees is the case being too ‘complicated.’ As a victim, you may feel your attorney is correct, and you may end up paying more than your case’s worth. Similarly, it is better to discuss the fees your attorney will charge in the beginning to avoid getting into trouble. 

  • The attorney does not communicate with the insurance company on time. 

Your attorney and insurance company needs to work together. Your attorney is responsible for responding to everything the insurance company demands on your behalf. Whether it is documents or settlement offers, the attorney needs to have quick communication without missing the deadlines. 

If you notice anything wrong with your attorney, make sure to look for a new car accident attorney who will help you get a successful compensation. 

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