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Instagram is a social media platform that lets businesses advertise their products and services. They can create ads using photos or videos. They can run in the regular scrolling feed or in the Stories feature. You can also choose whether you want to include a caption with your ad. To create an ad on Instagram, follow these steps.

You can create a private message on Instagram to send pictures and videos to contacts. All you need to do is double-tapping on a post to do so. You can also comment on a post by tapping the speech bubble. You can add emojis as well. You can also mention other users on the app. This will alert them to your message and they will likely interact with it.

If you want to share your work with others, you can use the Story feature. Stories are displayed on your profile for 24 hours. Stories can also be saved as story highlights. They appear in your profile right below your bio. For the best results, share your stories more than once in a day. You should also try to post them during peak hours, such as when people are more active.

Instagram also offers a Food Order feature, which lets users order food from your business on the app. You can use this feature to promote your business. Instagram also allows you to pin comments that you want to be visible to your followers. You can pin up to three comments so that they are easier to see.

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