Retractable Banner Stands: Using A Perfect Material To Meet Your Needs

The roll up banners is becoming one of the most preferred options for company promotion due to easy transportation and setup. Quite naturally, you may find them everywhere in the trade shows, events, retail stores, and in point of sale areas. Besides, you may also find them in restaurants and in exhibitions where the business owners need to summarize the exhibits to provide information to the customers. 

Materials of retractable banners:

When it comes to making the retractable banner work, you need to make the stand versatile. When it comes to designing the banner, you need to make it attention-grabbing and when placing it outdoors, it is necessary to choose a material that does not get blown away. The entire effort is to make the banner gain attention and try to look for a stand options that works equally will whether indoors or outdoors. 

  • The vinyl banner material is usually lightweight and stays intact even when staying rolled up inside the cartridge.
  • In most of the places, you will find digitally-printed screens instead of manual screen printing.
  • The digital printers can produce higher quantities of banners.
  • The cloth fabric with dye sublimation is common and uses dye instead of ink.
  • In the cloth fabrics with dyed prints, you can get the photographic effect and is commonly used for banners that need to stay attached with the retracted stands. 
  • The polypropylene is another flexible material that produces the nicest prints but it is not suitable for multiple usages, it is a feasible option for short-term or temporary advertising techniques where the graphics need to change weekly or monthly. 
  • Plasticized paper is another material that is tough and water-resistant and useful for promotion and retail usage. 

Things to consider before buying:

When getting retractable banner stands, you need to choose a high-quality stand irrespective of your requirements. If you buy poor-quality stands, it will not benefit you in the long run and the product may develop defects. If the ban or stand fails to work correctly during events or promotion or collapse in the midst of events, you may not get time to use another option of using a banner. 

Size is important:

Make sure you know how to measure the size of the banner stand as placing the wrong-sized banner in the banner may not make it noticeable. You need to make the banner size about one-third of the size of the place and complement the size of the booth. After all, you need retractable banners stands that attract customers and not push them away to another booth. The size dimensions of the banner need to meet the eye level of the viewers.

Accentuating the promotion: 

When promoting the products and services of a company, you need to accentuate the promotional efforts. Therefore, you need to emphasize on options to compel the audience to pick up the products and services. The advertising strategies are not for nothing. You need to design the techniques to propagate the customers and encourage them to avail your services through the push and pull effect. 


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