Role of social media in education marketing

Social media is a very popular tool for today’s generation. People largely use it to connect communicate and share. The reasons and users might differ from time to time, and in the present times, it helps and its relevance in the educational fields too. 

We can trace this back to the time when COVID-19 did not exist. Before the pandemic, social media was not as influenced by educational fields and served mostly various forms of entertainment. After the pandemic, however, things changed and people started to look for applications to consider where they could hold their activities virtually. Features and students, along with the entire school administration found it easier to rely on social media sites or applications for communication. 

Although an LMS system was put up by the institute ERP soon, social media continued to be a place where students relied on immediate response. The question arises, how did educational institutions use social media for their convenience? Here are some strategies with objectives that they used;

Attracting new students

As the pandemic started, numerous institutions dwindled with their improper facilitation through digital means. On the other hand, some institutions had already invested in an advanced school learning management system. Since a virtual platform was a necessity, students looked for institutions that made allocations for the same.

Social media platforms are the best option for schools and colleges to showcase their facilities, achievements, culture, and objectives along with real-time reviews from already existing students through comments and sharing. This creates a reliable image of the institution that helps them attract new students. Teenagers who look for possible college options always rely on the Internet. As for compulsion purposes in the previous years, the Internet was the only source students could turn to. Some institutions took advantage of this fact to market their institutions’ culture and display it in the best possible way for increasing the applicant pool.

Alumni networks

An institution invests a lot in its students. The reason why they are marketing their facilities is that be warned their advanced means to benefit as many students as possible. These students who later become successful in their life are the true assets of an institution. 

Because alumni are the direct outcome of a particular institute, their professionalism and personal relation to the institution is enough to persuade students. Schools and colleges maintain their relationship with alumni by organizing events, virtual or offline. They cannot organize offline events all the time because the alumni network stretches wide. There could be students who are willing to attend but are unable due to their professional commitments or other barriers. To solve almost all problems, they can take it to social media which allows a wide platform for the alumni network to reach out to the other students of the college. 

Streamlined discussions and group sessions

The feature of creating groups is one of the best features of social media. Students informal groups on social media sites for interacting with other students of a class unofficially. This can be very useful before examinations where they can discuss doubts and share notes without having to interrupt teachers constantly while using an LMS. 

Moreover, parents find it easier to join school groups on social media websites because they are more active on these platforms. 

Digital motivation

As mentioned earlier, the pandemic gave rise to the trend of using social media platforms as learning mediums. However, staying at home isolated from most people is discouraging enough. The world saw a trend following digital motivation where people shared their everyday routine through social media platforms. This was a very positive move that allowed students to feel a sense of connection and relativity with others despite not seeing them constantly.

Digital motivation came in the form of blogs, live streaming, Journal writings, and so on. Needless to say, students were encouraged by the positive motivation given by educational websites. Helpful educational blogs have increased in number since the pandemic. Students can find any and every solution in all these blogs published by numerous institutions worldwide. The best part is that blogs are usually free to view and read.

The strategy of publishing blogs on the school website is helpful not only for the students who view it but also for teachers and students who write it. There are inputs made by everyone that helps everyone feel included in the ERP management.

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