Seven must-have bike gears and accessories for a safer ride

Many people ride bikes happily in their everyday clothes, probably with just a backpack or a saddlebag to carry a few essentials. But if you do ride your bike regularly, whether to keep yourself fit or commuting, it would be better to have a few things that can make your time on two wheels safer, convenient, and more comfortable. There is a sheer range of cycling gear and accessories available at every MX shop online that can easily overwhelm you, especially if you are new to the sport. To help you sort through the copious amounts of bike gear and accessories out there, here’s a list of a few essential items that you should consider purchasing before setting out on a ride. Continue reading!

Essential bike gears and accessories


A helmet is a non-negotiable biker’s accessory, without which you should never step out for a ride. Why? It protects the most important thing you have- your brain! When choosing a helmet, it is crucial to keep a few things in mind: ventilation, weight, aerodynamics, safety, fit, adjustable dial, comfortable padding, and enhanced visibility.

Cycling kit

A cycling kit comprises a few things from head to toe like cycling jerseys, cycling shorts, cycling shoes, gloves, knee protectors, sunglasses, and more. Though there is no denying that you can ride your bike in your regular clothing, with normal shoes and gloves, it is advisable to wear the proper cycling clothing to boost your performance and ensure your safety.

Lights and reflectors

This is another most essential bike accessory. Whether you pre-dominantly ride during the daytime or in the dark, having bike lights and reflectors allows you to be seen and see with. Suppose you are riding on a poorly lit road or in the dark; you will need lights to see with. Or, if you are riding during the day, you would need lights to enhance your visibility and safety.

Seat bag or saddlebag

When it comes to carrying things on a bike, there are a few options like racks, panniers, saddlebags, etc. The best option is to use a seat bag or saddlebag. This is because these bags get attached underside of your seat; they are compact, easily accessible, and the most convenient option for all types of riding.

Hydration pack

As you know, cycling is an intense workout, and if you want to get the most out of your cycling experience, you need to have water before, during, and after your ride. And to hold your water bottle securely and give you easy access to water, you can get a bottle cage fitted on the seat tube or down tube.

Spare tube

Having a spare tube is the sure-shot way to ensure you will be good to go even after a flat tire. Remember, tubes fit only a certain range of tires, and specific types of valves, so do check the size of your tire and the valve on your rim while keeping a replacement tube in your bag. Plus, with this, you will also need a bike pump.


Bolts are often loosened by vibration, whether you are riding on a city street or a dusty path. So to make sure no such hurdles block your way and you can continue your ride, you should have a versatile multi-tool that can adjust every bolt screw on your bike. They vary based on size, quality and function, so better you choose the lightweight one that fits on your pocket or saddlebag.


The list does not end here! At an MX shop online, you will find an incredible range of road gear, protective gear, riding gear, adventure gear, parts and accessories, some of which are essential while others are nice to have. So get the right gear, follow the rules and ride safely!

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