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If you’re in the market for a new outboard engine, you’ll find a number of options available in a range of brands and types. Some of the most popular brands include Evinrude, Suzuki, and Mercury. But which brand is right for you? Here are some tips for a successful search:

Mercury Marine

If you are in the market for a new outboard motor, Mercury has a wide variety of outboard models to choose from. These engines are available in two basic types: 2-stroke and four-stroke. The former burns straight gasoline, while the latter circulates lubricating oil through a separate system. This way, gasoline and oil never mix, preventing unexpected breakdowns. The latter is designed for smaller craft and is available with 10 or 15 horsepower.

The company makes five outboard motor models, each offering a different horsepower rating. Mercury offers outboards with adaptive speed control, an easy-to-use Top Cowl Service Door, and other unique features. The brand is known for the durability of its outboard motors, ensuring that they will last for many years to come. You can also enjoy great fuel economy with the Mercury outboards, thanks to their easy-to-maintain Top Cowl Service Door.

Mercury Racing outboards feature advanced design elements, allowing them to provide reliable power and torque at any speed. Moreover Shop Outboard Engines for sale is at low rates on online. Mercury Racing outboards have a narrow powerhead and a wide center-to-engine mounting for seamless installation. Their powerful and efficient design is also easy-to-use, allowing for a smooth and easy ride. The company’s outboards are available in a variety of sizes, allowing you to find one that fits your needs and budget.


When shopping for outboard engines for your boat, consider the two-stroke technology of Evinrude outboards. This technology, which uses a Lorentz coil similar to a loudspeaker, is renowned for its quick push-pull power. The coil sprays droplets directly onto the spark plug, igniting it silently and quickly. A few of the benefits of E-Tec outboards include lower costs and smaller components.

A two-stroke engine produces more pollutants than a four-stroke engine, and they wear out faster than a four-stroke motor. But even with these disadvantages, two-stroke engines are ninety percent cleaner and have a better fuel efficiency. BRP, the parent company of Evinrude, has had great success with recreational lines such as Alumacraft boats and Can-Am off-road quads. It could revive the Evinrude brand with rebranded Rotax engines.

The weight of an outboard motor is important for more than just convenient handling. It can also impact the weight limit of your boat. A lighter engine produces more horsepower, while weighing less, which is particularly important for twin engines. This is one of the advantages of an Evinrude outboard engine, particularly if you’re purchasing a second or third one for a large boat. Compared to other brands, Evinrude outboard engines are significantly lighter.

West Marine

In addition to large, powerful outboards, you can also find smaller outboard motors by West Marine. These are typically quiet, four-stroke engines available in a variety of sizes. Choose from 2.5hp, 3.5hp, 4hp, 6hp, and 9.9hp short-shaft and long-shaft models. The 6hp and 9.9hp are often dedicated trolling motors, which reduces fuel consumption.

In addition to offering a variety of outboard engines, West Marine also offers a wide selection of safety gear and other boating essentials. Its Deluxe Belt Pack features a hydration pouch, and the Dynamic Move Paddling Vest conforms to the body of the paddler, helping to keep him dry. It also comes with a deluxe helmsman’s jacket with a hydration pouch.

In Conclusion:

For a longer life span, you should consider buying a flusher for your outboard engine. These clamp over the water intake on the lower unit. Fresh water from a garden hose is all that’s needed to flush the engine. They are great for tune-ups and other maintenance. And if you’re looking for a used model, look no further than West Marine Outboard Engines for sale.

The company has a long history of developing outboard engines. It was the first to put closed-loop cooling systems in their outboards and to introduce the largest five-horsepower engines in 2011. And in 2017 it acquired Seven Marine and introduced the 400hp verado outboard. And in the last three years it has been adding new models – including one aimed at the cruise ship market.

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