Social Media Analytics Enables Companies to Stay on Top Of What Consumers Are Talking and Thinking about

Social media analytics is an important analytical tool used by enterprises to monitor the performance of their social media campaign and measure the impact of marketing campaigns on sales. The set of tools help businesses understand, analyze and measure the impact of their social media marketing campaigns on their social media platforms.

Analytics platforms help organizations to understand the audience, tailor their communication, and develop better strategies for improving the performance of their social media campaigns. Such platforms help businesses predict, monitor, and react to competitive marketing behavior to develop strong and profitable customer.

Business Intelligence Techniques

Social media analytics is the term given to business intelligence techniques that analyze the amount and types of conversations taking place on various social media sites. The analysis is often done by using quantitative, text based methods such as text analytics, natural language processing, and computational social network analysis. These tools collect a vast amount of data and display it in a manner which helps the audience to explore the most relevant and valuable information. These tools also allow businesses to track conversations regarding a particular subject, and to access brand sentiment, which is important to market research and to create sound marketing strategies.

It does this by analyzing public social media posts and providing valuable insights that can help identify competitors and attract potential customers. Such a platform combines Google search and social media search, machine learning, and other real-time social media insights to provide a deeper understanding of social media user behavior.

NetBase Quid Is Unique

NetBase Quid provides a complete social media monitoring solution for companies of all sizes. The solution allows customers to gain insights into various social media platforms. It is cloud-based, fully customizable and seamlessly integrates with other marketing, PR and corporate resources.

It is the analysis of social media data that helps companies to understand, interpret, and analyze social media data. Social media analytics takes into account all forms of social media. These are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Vine, Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. It is important to analyze all these platforms because each has its unique features, demographics, behaviors, audience and content. For example, social media has made it easy for fans to interact and follow stars in real time. If the same is done for companies, they can communicate directly with their audience at any given time. Thus social media has become the biggest sales channel for many.

 Big Data analytics

Social media analytics is a field of Big Data analytics in which social media posts are used to establish trends, or insights on consumer opinions. The analytics also allows analysts to see which users or pages are engaging in social media marketing so that businesses can find the best audiences and make better decisions.

The analytics helps you to understand why a certain post resonates with certain users, where a certain post is seen, the amount of time spent on a certain post, how certain posts compare to similar posts, and other useful insights.

Examining the Volume and Engagement

Social media analytics is the process of examining the volume and engagement of posts, conversations, and comments for each social media platform. The company notes that the volume of conversation for Twitter, for instance, can be seen in line with that of all other social platforms.

This unique data insight, complemented by a continuous dialogue with marketing and PR professionals and customer service departments, allows business owners to craft a social media strategy that is the most effective for their needs.

Why choose NetBase Quid?

NetBase Quid has over 10 years of experience in social media data analysis, and it provides businesses with the tools they need to drive a healthy business and customer service culture by translating customer sentiment into sales revenue.

NetBase Quid produces analytics that work on any of the major social platforms. Its powerful technology is capable of classifying and extracting data from social networks and then delivering actionable insights in real-time. Its clientele includes Fortune 500 brands and small business organizations. NetBase Quid uses a 100% cloud-based platform for its social media analytics.

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