The International Mathematics Olympiad is such a competitive exam that encourages students to take a step out of their comfort zone and walk an extra mile to achieve all their dreams. It tries to expand the horizon of a candidate and motivates him/her to work harder in the respective fields. Conducted on subjects like English, Mathematics, Science and General Knowledge, it brings out for students various methods of improving their ideas and experiences on the field concerned.

Students from a very young age are encouraged to take part in Olympiad for a better enriching experience in the future. Since the syllabus mostly covers the part done in the class, it boosts the students’ confidence, allowing him/them to become more optimistic towards their goals. Many students from a very early age are found to have an interest in Mathematics and inculcating habits to develop their interests is a good way of approaching the examination. One is expected to have a thorough knowledge of the school curriculum to enable themselves to have a complete grip on the subject. No two topics in maths are the same and therefore each requires a different approach to grasp. It is only when one is thorough with a sub-topic under the broad heading, should he move to the next. 

It is a key point to note that one is highly expected to be aware of the topic he/she is weak in. Rigorous practice of the same, instead of skipping it because of its uncomfortable nature, is the right way to go about with the problem. It is advised not to skip any of the topics no matter how complicated it seems. It is only when one is acquainted with twisted and mind-boggling equations, that he/she can easily solve any questions that come in their way during the examination. Once done with the school curriculum, students should get hold of previous year papers like IMO Class 5 2014 Question Paper onwards to get accustomed to the pattern of the examination. Fixing a suitable time to solve these question papers can go a long way for the students as a systematic approach towards anything can provide the perfect mindset for the students to go ahead. As soon as they are stuck while solving any equation, a candidate is expected to take note of it and immediately consult with their teachers or mentors. Keeping it aside for later work can delay the process of problem-solving as well as their preparation as a whole. 

Once accustomed to the question pattern, candidates can get hold of a book higher than their standard and try the equations out there. This helps analyse their concept clearing process and makes the path much easier. Taking part in any competitive exams requires proper guidance and the best book available in the market. This is an important point, as the selection of the right book is essential to have a strong base on the subject. Here comes the role of the NCERT maths book for class 5 and above. If one is prescribed the book in their school curriculum, they already have an upper hand and if not, they are advised to get hold of the book as soon as possible. It is noticed that the majority of the questions are covered from NCERT books and if a candidate is thorough with the equations present there, he/she is sure to crack the examination with a great score. The book is said to be handy and student-friendly due to its lucid language and simplified methods of solving a problem. Each topic comes with numerous solved examples to help candidates focus on the methodical way of solving a problem. It also has several exercises at the end of the chapter for a student to self-analysis their progress. This is a crucial step because a candidate needs to constantly engage in self-analysis for a better outcome. The portion that they are lagging, has to be cleared through a different approach.

Concepts like geometry or algebra which seem difficult can be solved by watching online lectures and enrolling oneself in various mock tests. The online lectures conducted by various experts are engrossing to note as a student tries to clarify their doubts. These engaging sessions come with various practice series and weekly mock tests sessions which automatically boosts the confidence of a student to perform better. In this way, they get a holistic outlook towards the subject and find different angles to solve a particular equation.

Keeping all these things in mind, it is also essential to have a set routine while starting to prepare. Without a strict routine, one can never cover the entire syllabus and will end up getting prepared partly. It is important to manage both the school tasks as well as the Olympiad preparation. Therefore, a fixed pattern of routine will help a candidate juggle between both. Management skills are important for those trying to take the exams at the initial stage. Olympiad is generally believed not to discourage students, instead, a proper learning approach remains the only goal of a candidate to get through the examination. The same is possible only through regularity, determination, hard work and a systematic way of looking at the problem. Highlighting the key areas which need more focus should be the main concern of the student. It is always advisable to take up the harder problems first and then move on to the comparatively easier ones. This way one gets a long time to grasp the harder problems and do away with all the anxiety at the time of the final examination.

The Olympiad is advantageous in many ways. One of them is preparing a candidate for both the school curriculum as well as various other competitive exams that a candidate can sit for in the near future. It makes them way too optimistic towards life and opens a whole new outlook towards the subject they love. Therefore, every candidate should be encouraged to try their hand in IMO at least once in their lives to have a life-long experience. 

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