Steps You Can Take to Improve the Lifestyles of Your Elderly Loved One

When you have an elderly relative, you might find yourself worrying about their well-being. Not only can a decline in their health pose a risk, but you may also be concerned about whether or not they are getting out to see friends or are suffering from loneliness and depression. When you are trying to think about ways to care for your elderly relative, it is important to be respectful and allow them to make their decisions, when and if they can. However, there are things you can do to make sure that they are living a better lifestyle to give you peace of mind and to make them happier.

1. Check-In on Them

A good place to start if you are concerned about an elderly relative is to make more of an effort to check in on them. While you don’t want to make them feel as though they are under surveillance, a phone call once or twice a week can allow them to talk to someone and let you know if they need anything. If you live nearby, visit them at home or invite them to your house for a cup of tea or coffee so that they can enjoy some company.

2. Encourage Them to Do More Exercise

Senior citizens might not be able to work out in the same way that they could in their youth, but that doesn’t mean exercise isn’t still very important. Not only can this benefit their physical health, but gentle exercise can help their mental well-being as well. It could also be used as another excuse to socialize, whether they attend senior exercise classes or enjoy a stroll around the park with you or another relative or friend.

3. Explore the Option of Residential Care

If you are worried that your elderly relative is struggling to live independently, then it is worth discussing the option of residential care. They may be apprehensive at first, and it’s important not to force them into anything that they are uncomfortable with. However, highlighting the benefits of this to them could help, such as getting the right support for their needs, as well as the opportunities to make new friends with other residents. Signature care homes are a great example of the kind of support that is available.

4. Make Sure That They Are Involved

Calling your elderly relative or visiting them at home is great, but be mindful that you are making the effort to include them in other areas of your life. For example, inviting them over for family functions, or to enjoy a Sunday dinner with you once in a while can be very thoughtful and greatly appreciated. Perhaps even arranging a fun day out together could be another way to cheer them up and make them feel more involved and wanted.

If you want to improve the lifestyle of your elderly relative, consider these suggestions and see how they can boost their mood and make your bond stronger, as well as offer you peace of mind that they are looked after.

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