Swap ETH to BNB

Before giving further details about how to swap ETH to BNB we should know about these two terms ETH and BNB

What is ethereum:

Ethereum is a channel of decentralized nodes of cryptocurrencies on the blockchain powered by ether coins production which is the native tokenf for many platforms they have their own coding language known as solidity. They are abbreviated as ETH coins.

Basically ETH is used to pay fee buy different products. You can buy ETH coins from direct ethereum exchange center. They have the cap of second highest cryptocurrency in crypto markets. You may swap ETH to BNB because these two are highly used cryptocurrencies by different marketers and platforms.

What is BNB?

Binance coins BNB was officially launched in 2017 on starting all their dealings was done on Ethereum platform through ERC-20 chain token. So there comparison is almost impossible. Then BNB was shifted to Binance a standalone chain. When BNB was launched it was known as crypto bang year as they get 20million plus BNB coins.

BNB was launched to give their user the lowest transaction fee and discounts and yet it is working on it by giving their users discounted fee through Dapp. Today BNB is used to pay fees and many other transactions like lotteries lucky draws cards virtual gifts and also for bookings and travelling accommodations.


  • Pros and Cons of ETH:

ETH has the highest blockchain server provided network totally decentralized. ETH coins are used to pay different fees and transactions. They have a network of capitalist who are directly or indirectly investing in Ethereum blockchain.

They have scalability issues. High gas fee for transactions. Coding language is so difficult to understand by simple users.

  • Pros and Cons of BNB:

It gives discount fee for transactions.

Transactions are done at a faster rate. a lot of additional services are provided to their users.

It is unavailable to users from U.S. many of coins are controlled by centralized authorities.

How to swap ETH to BNB:

You can get BNB token from exchange Binance Coin

This site is developed by Holytransactions for private secure and fast transactions in to your wallets.

Why we choose flyp.me accountless currency exchange.

  • It’s an accountless currency exchanger
  • This site is totally private you can exchange your currency without any email account and without any registration
  • You can exchange more than 30 currency forms directly in to your wallets at best cost and at anytime
  • These exchange rates are faster than any other site
  • All the transactions are secure and private the site would never track you and will protect your data
  • If you have the site token you will also get 50% of the total profit as token holder

How to use flyp.me

  • Step 1:

If you have ETH coins and you want to exchange them into BNB coins

  • Step 2:

GO to flyp site there would be two columns showing different coins and currencies.

  • Step 3:

In first column of I HAVE select ETH

  • Step 4:

In the Next column of I get select BNB Coins

  • Step 5:

Enter the BNB wallet address in which you want to get your exchanged currencies

  • Step 6:

Enter the ETH refund wallet so that if your transaction would you will get your amount refunded back into wallet.

  • Step 7:

The site will automatically get your currency exchanged at the recent rates of currency directly into your wallet.

  • Flyp.me itself finds the best currency exchange rates and guarantees you the fixed exchange rate for minutes. This means you always get the amount you want. No surprises
  • Step 8:

Double check everything and click on flyp to get your currency exchanged.

Now just be calm and let Flyp.me exchange your cryptocurrency coins instantly. The status on Flyp.me exchange box will variate to show you all that what is happening behind the scenes.

Once the exchange is done, Flyp.me sends the BTC to the destination coin address you have given. The exchanged cryptocurrency coins are usually received within a few moments, depending on the blockchain network and the number of confirmations required for the transaction to your wallet, not on Flyp.me.

When the exchange is completed you will get an transaction ID (TXID). This will be the proof that your exchanged cryptocurrency coins has been sent by Flyp.me to the destination wallet address.

Hope you’ll enjoy it

Which currency coin is better?

It will totally be your choice to select the type of currency you want to own both these are the best wearing market caps and ranks in between top 10 cryptocurrencies having a large volume of shares in crypto industry. You can swap between these crypto currencies and many more at flyp.me in no time.

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