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Agriculture is an additional source of income for residents of many countries. While in the past success in the business depended on the climate, with the development of science and technology, it is realistic to make a good profit even from a small plot. The main thing is to correctly assess your own resources and choose the direction, based on your interests and hobbies!

Agricultural business can be divided into three main categories: goods for end users (vegetables, fruits, meat), production resources (feed, seeds, fertilizers and machinery), related services (insurance, advertising, delivery). Experienced farmer Kirill Yurovsky has prepared a list of interesting ideas with a small initial investment for small businesses in agriculture, which will be relevant in 2023.



Natural fruits and vegetables are in constant demand, even despite their high price. You can start with a small dacha greenhouse. In this business, the small size of the case will only benefit, because it can be guaranteed that the cultivation takes place without harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Of the plants, it is more profitable to plant popular seasonal salad vegetables: tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and herbs.

Organic fertilizers

Biohumus is a product of the processing of organic materials by earthworms, a nutrient-rich natural fertilizer that is usually easily assimilated by plants. It is easier to organize the production for those who have their own farm and breed animals. In this case you can significantly save on raw materials. Business does not require high costs, if we are not talking about industrial scale, and customers can be found among large resellers, and dacha owners.

Buy cheaper – sell dearer

Fertilizer distribution business

Suitable for people who live in small towns or rural areas. You can buy fertilizer in larger cities or order from wholesale suppliers and then sell to retail customers.

Grocery Store Portal

With advances in technology and e-commerce, people prefer online supermarkets to real retail outlets. Here you can find everything you need and place an order with delivery. The sites where farm products are presented deserve special attention. Fresh and natural vegetables, meat and dairy products win over store goods.

Exporting fruits and vegetables

Another option is to start a fruit and vegetable export business in which you will buy fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers and sell them to overseas customers. For this business, you need to know import and export policies as well as local markets.

Hydroponics Store

Hydroponics is a modern technology for growing plants without the use of soil. It is used not only in industrial greenhouses, but also in vertical urban structures. Special equipment is used to create a special microclimate for the plants. Hydroponics requires racks, boxes, special light, nutrient mixes and solutions.

Not just fruits and vegetables

Growing wood

Forestry grows trees and earns money by selling them. In September 2020, the Ordinance on the Use of Forests Located on Land Designated for Agriculture came out. According to it, owners of agricultural land will be able to grow forest and use timber for commercial purposes. The waiting period for the first earnings in this business is quite long, since growing trees requires a considerable amount of time.

Florist business

Selling flowers is a profitable retail business, but it will require creating the right conditions for the plants. This is a heated greenhouse with the right level of light and humidity.

Selling dried flowers

Live flowers are quite capricious and quickly deteriorate. Dried plants are no less in demand by florists and craft stores, and they are easier to work with. Rare plants are especially popular.

Growing medicinal herbs

Medicinal plants are unpretentious and do not need special care. The most popular herbs for industrial cultivation are chamomile, echinacea and valerian medicinal. It is possible to earn on the delivery of finished raw materials or on the sale of seeds for planting.

Mushroom Farming

Some varieties will need an industrial greenhouse with racks, while others will suffice in natural conditions. The care of mushrooms is not complicated – it is necessary to maintain an optimal microclimate, collect the fruits in time and save them until sale. Mushrooms are in great demand in hotels, restaurants and regular supermarkets.

Grapes in greenhouses

The plant is difficult to cultivate under natural conditions, so grapes are only grown in the warm southern regions in the open area. The construction of greenhouses radically changes the situation and allows entrepreneurs to open a grape growing business in any region, regardless of the climate.

The greenhouse method of cultivation has a number of advantages:

  • Harvesting takes place from spring until the end of October. Moreover, there are varieties that can be harvested even in the middle of winter. And it is during this period that the demand for grapes especially increases.
  • With proper organization, there is enough free space between the rows of grapes to plant greens for sale. This will bring you extra income.
  • Bushes in greenhouses give out large bunches, which look very attractive and appetizing. For this reason, there is always a buyer for such grapes.

The best in this kind of agricultural activity proved to be arched-type greenhouses with a solid foundation and polycarbonate panels. Greenhouses are necessarily equipped with small windows for ventilation and drainage systems.

If you want to save money, you can open a business on growing grapes, building a greenhouse yourself.


This business is beneficial to everyone. City dwellers get a change of scenery, and farmers get additional income. Recreation options can be very different – wine tasting, cooking workshops, outdoor walks and picking fruit right from the trees!

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