The Best Online Casino Slots Strategy

A good slot strategy involves waiting out a long period before hitting spin. Players should disregard this rule if they are in a winning streak, and they should wait out if they are stuck in an unproductive pattern. Professional players usually wait 17 seconds before hitting spins. This is because online slots are programmed to randomly generate prime numbers. The higher the prime number, the better. Hence, the longer you wait before hitting spins, the more likely you are to break the pattern.

17-second rule

When you play a slot game, you’ve probably heard of the 17-second rule. Waiting 17 seconds after each spin will increase your chances of breaking out of a rut or local pattern. In other words, the higher the prime number, the better. It may seem counterintuitive, but waiting a few seconds between spins is in line with most money management techniques. Here’s how it works.

The number 17 is prime, so random numbers can be generated with this technique. The reason that the prime number can’t be exceeded is that algorithms that randomize activity rely on prime numbers. Larger prime numbers, such as 53, are easier to calculate. As a result, slots have a high probability of cycling through thousands of new numbers in a minute. Therefore, most people will give up before this time.

Small bets

The key to maximizing your returns while playing slot xo is to understand the different bet sizes. Small bets are usually the best choice when you’re looking for medium or low-variance games. High-variance games, on the other hand, will pay out a variety of prizes. While you can bet large on slots with high volatility, it’s better to stick with smaller bets, which will ensure that you can stay afloat and maximize your bankroll.

To begin, the most important online casino slot strategy is to always place a small bet. The minimum amount you can wager is typically $0.20 to $1 per round. High rollers can wager as much as $10 or $100 per round. You can increase your bet as your bankroll increases, but don’t make the mistake of thinking you must bet a certain amount in order to win. Remember, progressive jackpots are small and take a small amount from each bet.

Low volatility games

Players should consider the volatility of a game when choosing the slot machine to play. Slots with high volatility offer higher risks and larger payouts, but the same games can experience long dry spells. For those who prefer high-stakes games, high volatility games are a better option. However, players should be cautious with their bankrolls when playing high-volatility games. They can risk losing their initial bet while winning a sizable prize.

High-volatility slots are known as money eaters. This is because players can play for hundreds of spins without hitting a bonus round, which can provide 20x the initial stake. In addition, players must consider the RNG and RTP of a game before making a choice, as some games may trigger bonus rounds early while others may never award a bonus round at all. The low-volatility slots are more reliable in terms of payouts.

Waiting before hitting spins

If you’re new to online casino slot games, it’s important to know that there is a method to predicting what you’ll win. It’s called timing, and it involves playing a machine when it’s close to its next payout. Choose a popular machine that hasn’t paid out much recently. Then, you can check out recent winners to see if there are any patterns.


Fortunately, strategies to move out of local patterns when playing online casino slots are becoming more popular. By pausing for 17 seconds between spins, players have a greater chance of moving out of their local pattern. This is in line with the principles of most money management strategies. In the movie “National Lampoon’s Vegas Vacation,” Chevy Chase’s character goes on a losing streak, but his son Rusty wins four cars on slot machines.

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