The book Zoe the Crab is a serie of fiction books about courage, inclusion and diversity

The book Zoe the Crab is a serie of fiction books about courage, inclusion and diversity. Zoe is a little crab who lives on the beach with her family and looks forward to make new friends. She does not enjoy going to the beach because she always needs to run away from humans and flee from predators. Surviving the dangerous situations is even more difficult for someone who walks sideways and need help from others. During an accident she ends up losing her claw and gets lost on the beach. Zoe has to struggle to face her fears and find her way home. Can she do it? Let’s find out!

This is such a great little book, with very cute and colourful illustrations. I loved the diary format. It contains a huge amount of really interesting and informative detail that will hold the attention of adults and children alike. I found it to be a most enjoyable read.

Told through the eyes of Zoe, a brave and adventurous little crab, it touches on many subjects of great importance and interest to both small children and grown up humans.

Topics like family, courage, adventure, loyalty, friendship and diversity are all dealt with in an inspiring and interesting way.

Children will enjoy the story and the illustrations, while at the same time absorbing some of the really important messages in the book. Like me, they will then be eagerly awaiting the opportunity to read the next book by this author. Zoe the Crab is a very endearing character. Kind, brave and adventurous, she is a good role model:

“my life is a continuous adventure, from the time I leave home in the morning until sunset.”

She is informative and amusing at the same time:

“Walking sideways is weird and makes us look silly”

She teaches good lessons:

“Never attack anyone”

“Respect the elderly”

All in all, I would recommend this book as an excellent one for your bookshelf, a study of human relationships, told through the eyes of a cute little crab!

Review by Pat Backley – Author.

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