The Gambling rules and legislation in Germany (Deutschland)

As of the research of recent times, the long-awaited ISTG 2021 was in place in Germany. Sports betting, virtual slots, and online poker for private businesses are some of the new licenses added. The ISTG 2021 will also have new advertising rules. A new law will say that all German licenses will be valid.

The laws you need to know

  • Participants also said they should get back the money they lost because the games were illegal, which kept the courts busy this year. Besides a safety idea, these documents must also talk about payment, IT security, and money laundering. These documents must also include a social concept that shows how the applicant has tried to protect minors and avoid gambling addiction.
  • The applicant must say whether the distribution’s technical processing will be done by the applicant or by a service or platform provider outside of the applicant. A customer hotline and language settings are also included, and the company’s data protection rules. In addition, all of the applicant’s brands must also be on the list. This is all for now. If refunds are going to be made for the distribution system, they need to be made public for Casino Bonus for Deutschland .
  • An applicant or a third-party service provider could write the ads. In the latter case, information about the third parties involved must be given. An applicant must also come up with an idea for an advertisement.
  • There aren’t many differences in how licensing rules work for online sports betting, virtual slots, and online poker. In this post, we’ll look at some of the essential parts of the standard requirements for I.P program.
  • The applicant must put down at least EUR 5 million in a security deposit to get the job. In some cases, it is possible to change this amount to match the projected monthly average turnover (maximum EUR 50 million).
  • People can play online games with other people. If there are many different types of online gambling available through the same web address, the operator must set up separate areas for each type of game. Cross-promotion is also against the rules of the division. A player can’t be in two places at the same time.
  • When the player signs up for a website, they must set a monthly deposit limit of no more than EUR 1,000.00. You can only play with a certain number of people at a time. A player can expect to spend up to EUR 1,000 a month on different gaming sites, which is a lot to put this in perspective.
  • Officials will keep an eye on a “limit control database” that will be used to see if the EUR 1,000 limit is being met. For service providers to access the limit control database, they must pay for it.
  • Authorities now give more leeway to people who bet on sports online than they did before. It will be possible to bet on both the outcome of a game and the events that happen during it or both. Live bets, on the other hand, will be allowed, but only if specific rules are met.
  • As part of the application process, it must be submitted in writing and electronically, either by mail or electronically. It must say that the materials are complete and that the applicant will pay for any costs that are incurred in verifying the safety, social, and economic efficiency concept.

The only people who can get a license are people who live in the European Union or the European Economic Area (EEA). If the documents are not in German, they must be certified copies of the original and a certified translation.

A person needs to show all the relevant evidence and documentation to apply for a job. They also need to say that they’ve done, among other things.

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