The Golden Rule Of PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Advertising In 2023

There are many tips and rules that you can follow to master your PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, however, there is one golden rule that we believe sits above all else in 2023.

If you want to ensure that every advert that you create cuts through the noise and converts as many clicks into customers, read on and we’ll divulge all!

What is the Golden Rule of PPC Advertising in 2023? – SPLIT-TESTING!

Split testing (aka A/B testing) refers to the user-experience research process of running two different versions of a campaign, advert, or landing page alongside one another and seeing which performs best using the various analytics tools available.

These can be virtually the same, only with a few minor changes (e.g., word choice in the Call-to-action) or they can include multiple variants as well.

For the best results in A/B testing you should focus on one or two variations at once, max. That way it will be much easier to pinpoint which variations have the most – or indeed least – impact.

Why is split-testing so important in PPC in 2023?

So, what’s all the fuss about? Simply put, split-testing enables you to perfect your PPC campaign. If you simply create an ad, write some sales copy, throw up a generic landing page and then send it out into the world, there’s no telling whether it will succeed or fall flat on its face.

The fact is, your job is never finished in PPC. An ad is never ‘complete’. And the businesses who are truly cleaning up and dominating in the PPC arena are the ones who recognise this.

By split-testing, you can take an advert that perhaps isn’t performing so well, and then start figuring out precisely why it isn’t working – through trial and error.

It’s not a fun job by any stretch of the imagination. However, when you commit to split-testing and do your due diligence, you can easily turn an average advert around into one that yields an exceptional (and repeatable) return on your investment.

Furthermore, the better your ads perform, the higher the quality score will become and thus the less you will invariably spend on each bid.

It’s a win-win!

The user experience is everything

With Google’s recent ‘helpful content’ update there has been a huge push towards the overall user experience of a website.

When Google is looking for websites to rank organically, they’re not just looking for websites with the right keyword choice, some backlinks, and lots of valuable content. In addition, they are looking for websites that deliver a superior on-page experience and have a clear and evident understanding of the user intent behind their chosen keywords.

While it works very differently in PPC (as you pay for exposure, rather than earn it), the principles should still remain.

In other words, you can use split testing to optimize your PPC landing pages. You can test various UX design choices until you find a variation that reduces your bounce rate and increases your conversion rate significantly.

In doing so you’ll be providing a super experience for your users while also getting the most out of each click you pay for.

Final thoughts

And that about sums it up! The golden rule in PPC advertising is to split test everything! Remember: no advert is ever complete. It’s an on-going process and those who commit themselves to change will reap the rewards.

Of course, split testing is a huge responsibility on top of managing a business. So, if you don’t have the time to handle your PPC ads or to start faffing around with multiple versions of your landing pages, then we recommend hiring the professionals instead. This PPC agency in Singapore comes highly recommended with over 500+ 5-star reviews on Google!

Either way, we hope you found this article helpful and wish you the best of luck with your future digital marketing endeavours.

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