The Health Of Your Cairn Terrier Is Your Responsibility

The health of our pets relies on a few basic factors, exercise, mental stimulation, and most importantly nutrition. Many pet owners do only two out of the three and in more cases than we would like, generally, only 1 of the above. But why is that?

Are we too busy with life and work, is it down to being lazy or unwillingness, or are we daunted by the fact that it seems too complicated to make the necessary changes? – When in fact it is so much simpler than we realize, and you are more capable than you give yourself credit for.

Getting started.

So, what can you do to give your pet the life it deserves? Well, you could start by purchasing pet health insurance. Bivvy offers coverage options that include routine vet checkups, and it protects your beloved dog in case of an accident or illness. Additionally, you have to look at the three main aspects mentioned before, break them down and go from there. Small steps are still progress, and if your puppy is happy and healthy, you are on the right track.

Let’s take a look at the top 3 features pet owners and those of which beginners believe to be the stepping stones to a healthier and happier pup. And we all know that when your furball is happy, you’re happy because they bring so much life, love, and adoration to the family dynamic it is hard to stay in a bad mood, am I right? See this link for some heart-warming quotes that sum up just how much we need a dog and their endless love.

  • Daily walks come with the territory as standard, right, you should be well aware that when taking on a pet, it entails walks, and runs to maintain a healthy fitness level.

Think of training programs or exercises you can do together (win-win for both parties), or better yet get the kids involved. We know children love running for hours on end showing no sign of exhaustion.

Then, as you go along, incorporate discipline and training into play sessions, the dog and kids will be having fun and training obedience without even realizing it.

  • Mental health.

Yes, believe it or not, dogs do get depressed too, they can experience episodes of depressive anxiety and it could trigger eating disorders. Do research and homework into the signs and symptoms of dog eating disorders, while your dog may not have them it is better to be safe than sorry and to know more than you need to.

Always make sure your dog feels loved, cared for, and welcomed. That they know coming home means a safe space they can depend on and an owner who has their best interests at heart no matter what.

Specific dogs are prone to stress when left for prolonged periods and end up looking for stimulation and entertainment by eating the contents of the home. If you must leave them alone a little longer than usual then make sure they have plenty of toys to keep them busy and that they have sufficient food and water – which leads us to our final point.

Diet plays an integral role in the daily activities of your four-legged friends. They will have pent-up energy that needs to be burned off, and then they will need sustenance to rebuild it back up again hence a nutrient-rich food plan.

Your best options are organic and natural, while pricier than your average, generic off-the-shelf supermarket brands, they are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals. Companies who understand this, for example of one such firm, check out and have peace of mind in knowing that the products and ingredients you will be implementing into your dog’s diet are free from growth-enhancing hormones and chemicals.

Your dogs’ overall mood and behavior will significantly improve as he shows a renewed sense of energy for life. Their limbs, muscles, and joints increase in flexibility, and their fur will glisten in the sun during your early morning walks (blinding fellow walkers we hope).

Health check-ups.

Visits to the vets are a routine occurrence when dog owners first get their puppy, but as life gets busier and schedules get fuller we can tend to put the appointments off for longer than they should be allowed.

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This is not only detrimental to your dog’s health but if something was wrong the veterinary monitors nurse would have been able to pick it up in its early stages and recommend treatment. If found later it could mean surgery which leads to vet bills and possible outcomes you may not expect.

It’s vital to have your dog undergo regular physical examinations by a trained professional, ideally, the minimum times should be once a year but if you have any concerns or queries don’t hesitate to make an appointment. It may be nothing other than your motherly over protectiveness but rather that than thinking of what could go wrong.

Besides looking for any signs of health ailments it is also a way to keep track of and to monitor your dog’s growth and development as they go through the different stages of aging. Vets will let you know if all is on track for their breed and weight, or of any changes you can make to their diets and activities that will bring them back on course.

When you first hear of everything that needs to be done it can be a lot to take on board, but like with all new adventures once you have the hang of things it comes naturally and is essentially part of the family routine and schedule.

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