The Importance Of Keeping Your Sewer Maintained Year-Round

When things go wrong in the house you may be inclined to fix the issue yourself. This can sometimes be successful, other times it simply leads to a bigger issue. Plumbing is one of those times when you are better off leaving it to the professionals because you don’ want to make a plumbing issue bigger or be stuck without water.

It pays to have the number of a good emergency plumber on hand now, in case you ever need them.

Of course, you can dramatically reduce the risk of issues if you maintain your sewer throughout the year. It’s easier than you think, even for an amateur DIYer.

Why Maintenance Is Essential

Your sewer line removes all the wastewater and associated products from your home and transfers them to the main sewer line. Your responsibility usually finishes where it joins the mainline at the edge of your property.

If you don’t look after the sewer line you’re likely to end up with a blockage or clog in your pipes. The first clue that this is happening is that your appliances drain slowly. One affected appliance means a problem in the plumbing from that appliance. If all your appliances are affected then the problem is in the main sewer pipe.

Clogs prevent water and waste from moving through the pipe. It will therefore fill the pipe until it starts overflowing into your home. That isn’t an issue you want to deal with, especially as it can be hazardous to your health.

It’s costly and time-consuming to restore your home to its usual condition.

Fortunately, maintenance is easy:

Invest In A Sewer Camera

You can visually inspect pipes inside your home for damage. But, once they leave your home they are usually underground and you probably don’t want to dig them up just to check them.

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Instead, invest in a sewer camera and use it several times a year. This small device can be slid into your sewer pipes from the inspection hatch. You can ‘drive’ it both ways along your pipes and inspect them with the image the camera sends to your receiver.

It’s the best way of spotting a clog starting to build. In fact, it doesn’t just show you clogs, it will show you what caused them. The most common causes are incorrect products, such as wet wipes and sanitary products being flushed down the toilet. However, old pipes can also be an issue, as can tree roots.

Old pipes are likely to have burrs on the inside that help clogs build. Tree roots can penetrate the pipes, cracking them and causing a blockage. These are the worst ones to repair!


Drain rods are cheap and can be slid inside your sewer pipes to remove any clogs that you’ve discovered. It’s a good idea to follow a camera inspection with rodding.

Consider Flushing

Perhaps the easiest way to maintain your sewer pipes is to think about what you flush down the drains. Toilet paper and human waste are the only things that should go into the sewer pipes, along with wastewater. Stick to this and you’re unlikely to have an issue.

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