The Main Heat Press Machines in The Market

Heat press printing machines are used in the branding ofproducts such as T-shirts, hoods, umbrellas, caps, reflector jackets, and mugs. The branding is a very significant way of marketing the products in question.

Under this article, the focus is on the different heat press machine types available in the Kenyan market. The article further takes an analysis ofthe features, specifications and operation of these machines.

At times, heat press machines may be hard to differentiate especially for first timers. However similar they may look though, they differ in models, way of operation and uses.

The buyer should be keen and learn more about heat press machine to be sure the right one for their job before purchasing. Below are the main types of heat pressers;

Clamshell Heat Pressers

Clamshell Heat Pressersare designed to execute the branding on numerousproducts such as cups, T-shirts,and cardboard boxes. The name clamshell is derived from it way in which it opens like a clam, shell or oyster.  The opening and closing like a clam is enabled by the hinge between it’s lower and upper plates.

The clamshell heat press machine is further classified as either automatic or manual. The difference between the two is that manual heat presser machines require one to manually open and close the press.

The space and economic advantages of using a clamshell machine are significant. Because it is compact, it may fit into a little place in your desk. When compared to other heat press machines, the clamshell heat press machine price in Kenya is comparatively low.

Because of the high pressure, this press machine is not suggested for use on thick layers of cloth or mouse pads.

Swinger Press Equipment

This machine is called a swinger because it swings while being worked on. It works by placing garments on the lower platen and enabling the heat from the higher platen to swing away from the bottom platen garments.

The swing-away motion is advantageous because it allows you to transfer the garments without risk of damage.

Draw Heat Press

The draw heat press machine works in the same way as the swinger machine, except the lower platen pulls towards you as you operate. This feature enables you to position the clothing without having to reach under the heat-emitting upper platen.

Because the lower platen is in constant motion, you must be aware that your designs may shift out of place.

Sublimation Heat Press

The Sublimation heat press machine is by far the most common T-shirt heat press machine, owing to the fact that the dye used in the transfer paper does not leak into the shirt when the heat machine’s surfaces press down. It is vital to understand that you will face this danger if you use the majority of the other options.

The huge working surface of the sublimation press machine is a significant advantage. You’ll be able to work on larger hoodies and utilize larger signs.


The most common types of heat press machines in Kenya are sublimation,clamshell, draw heat, and swinger machines. Each machine has unique features and capabilities. It the buyer’s responsibility to study the numerous types and benefits of the machines in order to get the best heat press machine for your needs.

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