The Most Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Cedar Rapids

Since the weather is getting nicer and biking season is just about here, it’s important to be aware of what the most common causes of bicycle accidents are. This way, you can know how to be safe when riding your bike and try to avoid accidents with others.

There are numerous reasons why cyclists might find themselves involved in an accident. These accidents sometimes can be avoided by being aware of the most common causes of bicycle accidents in Cedar Rapids. However, if you have been involved in an accident and are injured, you should not be reluctant to hire a personal injury lawyer in Cedar Rapids.

Read below for the most common causes of bicycle accidents in Cedar Rapids:

  • Distracted riding

It is reported that 90 percent of all bicycle accidents are caused by distracted people. If you are a cyclist, it is important that you make sure to always pay attention and keep your eyes on the road while riding. You should make sure not to use your cell phone while riding.

  • Speeding

Riding your bike at high speeds can also be a distraction and cause you to have an accident. Speeding also causes wear and tear on your bike. It is recommended that you ride at safe speeds so that you don’t have to constantly replace worn-out parts or get involved in accidents.

  • Weaving through traffic

When cycling at a high speed, it is recommended that you do not weave through traffic. This could cause you to lose control of your bike if you hit anything and could cause an accident. You should also not dash in and out of traffic.

  • Unsafe lane changes

When there are cars around, cyclists should always use the right-hand lane. This can help you to avoid accidents and make sure that you do not get involved in crashes. If you have been involved in an accident and are injured, contact a personal injury attorney immediately.

  • Failing to signal

When changing lanes, it is important that you signal well and that you maintain the proper amount of space from other vehicles on the road.

  • Running a stop sign or red light

When following the rules of the road, you are helping to prevent any accidents from occurring. So, it is important to stop at all stop signs and lights to avoid the risk of accidents.

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