The Necessity of National Transformation Program for a Country’s Prosperity

No country can flourish without constantly developing and transforming. New development plans have to be continuously designed to meet the criteria of the always-changing world. Development and transformation plans help to restore the previous deformities over the years in a way that allows accommodating a newer generation.

Transformation plans use national resources to efficiently transform and develop lacking parts of the country while simultaneously helping its economy. After all, these plans are designed for a better livelihood with better opportunities and facilities for the country’s citizens.


National transformation plans, such as one from Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, aim to develop the necessary infrastructure and create an environment that enables the public, private and non-profit sectors to achieve the desired goals. These plans comprise many different themes that are to be developed to raise the standards of living.

These include providing good healthcare, improving living standards, providing sufficient security, ensuring the implementation of the law, supplying sustainable vital resources, etc. In addition, national transformation plans aim to deliver social empowerment, non-profit sector development, facilities for the labour market while also ensuring an exceptionally operating government.

Development of tourism and national heritage sectors are also planned under the federal transformation programs.

How the Plan Works

The national transformation plans support developing economic partnerships and digital transformation. Social development is the ultimate goal that is achieved in various phases.

Phase I

It starts with fundamental development, such as improving the regulatory framework and services to ensure justice and the law’s implementation. Good healthcare services, sustainability of vital resources, employment to masses, facilities to the labour market, while ensuring the operational excellence of the government, comes first.

Phase II

After this, improvement and redesigning of the infrastructure comes. Constructing shipping lines and seawater desalination plants are focused upon. Next, urban landscapes are enhanced to better quality as part of urban development. Digitilizing all national systems and providing technical solutions also fall under this phase.

Empowerment and protection of the rights of women, minorities, and elderly citizens and increasing their participation in the workforce is also part of this phase. Improving tourism and enhancing the country’s image in the global community is also a primary focus to attract investors and private funders. The national transformation plan is shown to the international community, encouraging them to invest in the country and the government’s projects. One of the reasons why people invest in Saudi Arabia is because of its promising development plans.


National transformation plans prove to be the most fundamental and necessary source for the country’s development and prosperity. Without them, it is unlikely that a nation would be able to flourish successfully.

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