The Origin and Essential Facts of A Pen You Don’t Know

The most intrinsic difference between an ink pen and a fountain pen is the pressure you put on while writing. In ink pens, you have to put more pressure while writing. It helps you write each digit and letter meticulously.

But when you use fountain pens, it eases the process of writing. Thus, you tend to write more using a cross ballpoint pen or fountain pen without getting tired. Both ballpoint pens and ink pens produce similar results when it comes to style and fonts.

How Does the Fountain Pen Work?

The fountain pen has a built-in well-defined structure: the nib, barrel, cap, and feed. A reservoir is also there to carry the ink. A small clip is tied to the cap of a pen, which makes it easy for you to fasten the same to your shirt’s pocket.

Fountain pens are smart and tidy. They are elegant and sophisticated. Each branded pen comes with its own intrinsic beauty and gorgeousness, but using a Parker fountain pen has its own significance.

If you wish to buy a fountain pen, you should primarily consider its design, visual attractiveness, and endurance. The rounded barrel on the pen determines how easily you can write with the pen and at what speed.

A few essential facts about fountain Pen Nibs 

  • A nib of a fountain pen can be golden or silverish.
  • People who are not confident about their handwriting and style can opt for fine nib points. It gives you a professional and polished touch.
  • Medium nib points produce thicker but defined lines.
  • Broad nib points are useful for professional calligraphers who want to experiment with their handwriting styles.

Branded Ink Cartridges and Fountain Pen

A high-quality branded fountain pen not just looks appealing and enticing, but it completes one’s style quotient too.

Usually, Parker pens come with branded cartridges. Once you exhaust all ink, you can install a new cartridge into the pen and start using it again.

Some companies also offer ink cartridges with standardized sizes, which makes it easier for the user to buy and use them when a branded cartridge of their company is not available.

An Ever Gorgeous Gift Option

Offering the premium quality ballpoint to staff and associates has become synonymous in corporate events and seminars. Pens serve as the most personalized corporate gift hampers, which enhances the spirit of cooperation and teamwork.

Even you can gift a stylish Parker pen to your partner or loved ones on special occasions. Pens continue to serve as a memorable and thoughtful gift option with multiple uses.

In Conclusion 

We are currently living in the digital ecosystem, but it doesn’t take the sheen away from a pen. It has proved its everlasting gleam and utility since time immemorial.

A pen-like writing device was founded for the Caliph of the ancient Egyptian kingdom in 953-AD in Egypt for the first time. It continued to embrace new changes and transformations since then. Today, a pen serves as a style quotient, status symbol, and personal accessory with varied utilities.

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