The Power of Energy: Understanding its Vital Role in Our Daily Lives

In the early days of using natural energy Humans use energy that is readily available in nature, such as sunlight, wind, water, energy from pets, mostly later when humans begin to use other types of energy such as oil, coal, energy is important to everything in the world. It is the cornerstone for life to thrive. If there was a lack of power source Humans would not be able to survive.

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Energy is an important factor. To meet the basic needs of the people and is an important factor of production in the business and industrial sectors. The state therefore has to supply energy. to have sufficient quantity, have a reasonable price and good quality In line with the needs of users, our country does not have enough energy sources to meet the needs. As a result, we have to rely on foreign energy sources for about 60 percent of our total energy needs. Therefore, to ensure that in the future We will have enough energy to use. Therefore, energy consumption must be taken into account. limited to be as effective as possible and appropriate distribution of fuel consumption to diversify risks And it must be a fuel that has little impact on the environment.

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alternative energy or alternative energy

Alternative Energy

Alternative energy refers to energy other than the current main energy, depending on the situation of each country, such as solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, etc., as alternative energy for electricity generation in Thailand.

renewable energy

Renewable energy has two different meanings as follows:

Renewable energy refers to energy that exists naturally and can be renewed indefinitely, such as solar energy, wind energy, ocean wave energy. heat energy from beneath the earth’s surface energy from bioprocesses Or energy used instead of energy sources from fossil fuels.

Renewable energy refers to the name given to new sources of energy that can be used instead of oil, coal and natural gas. An alternative energy with high potential for Thailand would be ethanol production. to be mixed with oil Or the introduction of vegetable oil mixed with diesel fuel to reduce the use of fossil fuel oil.

It is well known that fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas Rare and expensive day by day because energy that has been exhausted cannot be substituted. And fossil fuels emit pollutants such as dust, smoke and carbon dioxide into the air, affecting the health of living things. And is a major cause of global warming problems. and is a fuel that causes environmental problems accordingly And there has been opposition from the community where the plant uses fossil fuels.

But energy is essential to human life. and driving the economy of every country around the world Therefore, we must turn to focus on the development of clean energy that does not cause pollution. by reducing energy consumption from fossil fuels and turning to more alternative or renewable energy

Types of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy can be divided into 2 types:

1) Renewable energy is a source of energy from nature around us. It is renewable energy from used sources that can be used by the car to circulate again. It is energy that can be used indefinitely, including wind energy, hydro energy, wave energy in the sea. tidal energy biomass energy Geothermal energy and hydrogen, etc.

2) wasteful energy (Nonrenewable energy) is a source of energy from underground. Once used, it cannot be rebuilt or replaced naturally in time to meet the needs in a short time. and limited quantities include crude oil (petroleum), coal, oil shale, natural gas, and nuclear energy. (uranium) This energy is normally underground. If not, dig it up and use it now. I keep it for future generations to use. Sometimes it’s called backup power.

1.9 Preparation for Finding Alternative Energy

The problem of oil in the world market is that Thailand has to pay foreign currency to import oil. In addition, the rate of oil consumption in Thailand has increased rapidly. Promoting and supporting the use of vegetable oil, which is an agricultural product that can be produced in the country, as an alternative fuel It’s a foreign currency exchange. Build stability and self-reliance on the energy of the country. It also helps create a stable market for agriculture as well.

The use of biodiesel as fuel in diesel engines is not new. Has been used since World War 2, but at that time petroleum oil was cheap and easy to find. So no one is interested in using vegetable oil instead of diesel fuel. But after the global oil crisis in 1971, he began to be alert. and efforts to find alternative energy to use especially from renewable energy that can be found locally Vegetable oil is one energy source that has received attention. be used as fuel instead of diesel oil

The alcohol extracted from plants mixed with gasoline. Also known as gasohol. It is another alternative to reduce the use of energy from fossil fuels. Gasohol is used in many countries around the world. The advantages of gasoline are more complete combustion Due to the chemical structure of alcohol, it reduces air pollution. At the same time, the price of gasoline is lower than gasoline in general. In addition, it is the use of fuel that we produce ourselves. Do not lose foreign currency

For other important alternative energy such as installing solar cells is using solar energy. Or wind energy, hydro energy, energy from biomass. and geothermal energy There has been a research study. to bring these energies to better use This will help alleviate energy shortage problems in the future. and help reduce pollution problems arising from the use of energy currently employed

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