The Return of Double Denim: Or Has It Ever Left?

Double denim has occasionally been commented on as an outlaw of fashion. Maybe you’ve heard it being brought up jokingly in conversation, or in the worst dressed section of a pop culture magazine.

While all is fair in fashion and style feuds, if you take a closer look, you may notice that beneath the brass commentary (Canadian Tuxedo, anyone?) and a few daring individuals, double denim never really left.

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Cool denim looks to get the party started

Let’s look at some popular items and trends presently circulating:

  • The Classic. As titled, this look – a jean jacket and matching jeans with a blue wash – is the all-time classic double denim look. The Godfather of double denim if you will. Great news is that depending on your style you can rock a more vintage look, such as an oversized jean jacket and baggy jeans, or bring some modern vibes in the mix such as the printed denim jacket and jeans suit by stella nova UK.
  • The Bright White. Not recommended for the faint hearted, messy eaters, or parents of small children, bringing white denim into the mix can be a sure way to stand out from the crowd. Think a fresh look that offers the versatility of casual or semi-dressy, depending on how you wear it. Bonus points for wearing a white t-shirt or turtleneck underneath to complete the all-white look.
  • The Accessories Baddie. Bringing accessories into the mix is a way to check off a double denim craving off your fashion list without going all out. Think matching a jean cap to an equally fabulous denim tote bag. Other ideas include scrunchies, trainers, shorts, and bow ties. Now that’s cute.

Bonus tip: The Mix-up. Here you have full reign of your denim creativity – from eyewear to jeggings and everything in between. Own it, girlfriend.

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