These Are The Hottest Bedroom Color Trends Of 2022 

Our bedroom is the place that brings us peace, calm and rest. At the end of every day, we return to our safe sanctuary to relax and unwind and get a good night’s sleep. But this is only possible when your surroundings bring you a sense of comfort. Various things like our bed and the color palette of our room affect the quality of our sleep. Not only is it crucial to invest in a good quality bed with a mattress, it is also equally important to select colors that are soothing to the eye. Check out the latest bed designs and bed prices right here. While many of us continue to work from home, color has also become a proxy for our own personalities. But which colors will dominate the world of interior decor in the upcoming year? Let’s have a look at what experts have to say.

1. Gorgeous Green

The more we seek to get closer to nature the more we tend to lean towards the color green. We have seen various shades of green being the favored choice of experts in the past few years, a trend that will seemingly continue well into 2022. The rich shades of green evoke the calming spirit of being outdoors. Deep shades of sage green have so far proven to be a popular choice for bedrooms, placing them on the wall behind the bed or incorporating green hued furniture. This color is perfect for energizing any space imitating natural greenery.

2. Brazen Blues

Shades of blue are predicted to be the go-to color for those who want to stay away from neutral paint tones. A strong midnight blue hue, is dark and alluring and lends a moody tone for a dramatic dining area, while a luminous mid tone blue will work well to complement the living room, evoking the brightness of a clear sky. Blue works well with other natural tones and is quite a customer favorite. Even psychologically, it is said to be one of the most soothing and calming colors.

3. Vivacious Violet

Recently, Pantone revealed the color of the year “Very Peri” to be a periwinkle with hues of purple, making it a much sought after paint color in 2022. Shades such as mauve, lavender, violet and lilac are very much at the top of the list of colors deemed trendy by interior designers. This vibrant color is unique and gives a sense of positivity and whimsy. Deeper shades of purple will work very well in formal living rooms, looking royal and having an old worldly charm about them.

4. Warm Woody Browns

A lot of people are still orthodox in their choices and prefer sticking to neutrals, despite the popularity of bold statement colors. Warm neutral paint colors are having a moment as well as they bring with them warmth and add versatility to a space. A neutral paint palette can instantly make a room feel cozy and comforting. Using neutrals such as muted browns, beige etc for most used spaces such as hallways and living rooms is recommended. For a neutral with added warmth, earthy tones such as terra-cotta can be opted for.

Following these color trends, any room in your home can be livened up and you can easily revamp the look and feel of your home.

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