Tips to Consider for Surviving a Shark Attack

When you plan to have a marvellous time under the sea, you must be careful. While observing marine life, you will encounter sharks that can attack humans. However, you can think about increasing the chances of survival when swimming deep in the sea. So, this article will cover more about how to survive a shark attack.

Be sure about the environment

Before you dive into the sea, you must always assume that you will encounter a shark at a certain instance. But, when a human being come across a shark, the fish doesn’t attack most of the time. Even when this fact is true, you must be sure about the areas where you swim. You can also be safe when you know about the region and environment. 

Stay away from certain areas

When planning to jump into the sea, you should always look around the horizon. If you observe fishing boats far away from the sea shore, avoid swimming around those areas. In that case, you must also observe the unusual fish activity, such as a group of fish jumping out of the seawater. But, if you come across such an activity, it can mean a shark is present in the nearby region. So, with this in mind, you must always swim around 50 yards from the area where people are busy fishing. 

Avoid swimming at dusk and dawn

While swimming underwater, you must not think about diving early morning or late at night. Swimming during that time can be enjoyable, but it’s also the time when there’s a likelihood of a shark attack. If you decide to swim at dusk or dawn, you will not be able to observe the shark clearly. 

Never wear shiny objects 

As you decide to take a deep dive into the sea, you must always remember to be careful of your jewelry. While rays of light enter the sea, the reflection will create an impression that the jewelry is similar to fish scales. If the shark observes a shiny object underwater, it may think that the object is something it can enjoy eating. Additionally, you must avoid wearing bright-coloured clothes because contrasting colours can garner the shark’s attention.

Always try to stay calm

You must always stay calm if a shark is about to attack you at any moment. In that situation, you will have to start swimming around a reef to protect yourself. But, if you are swimming with your friend, you can follow your friend who is deep below sea level. On the other hand, if the shark is going to attack you in the next instance, you must fight back.

Speak with the local lifeguard

According to a professor in marine biology, you must always do your homework when swimming across an unfamiliar region. But, while you interact with the lifeguard, you must try to gather more information regarding the different species you will come across below sea level. But, to avoid such kind of fish, it’s safe to swim across guarded beaches.

Trust your instincts

In the end, you must always follow your instincts and never think about diving underwater if it’s dangerous. At those moments, you must listen to your inner voice and avoid the dangerous situation of encountering a shark. But, if a shark attacks you, you must not splash water around. Instead, you have to do nothing that can incite the shark’s interest. 


There are many ways through which you can survive a shark attack. While you’re pretty sure about the environment, you must not swim near areas where people are fishing. Moreover, swimming underwater early morning or late at night is risky. To get an idea about the area, you can interact with the local lifeguard and gather a lot of information. Eventually, you must never risk diving deep into the water if you think sharks are swimming around that area. You must also keep the jewelry aside because the shiny objects can entice the shark towards you.

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