Tips to Fight off Morphine Addiction

Studies show that morphine is a very powerful painkiller, and that is why it is often used. However, it is also a drug that has a very high risk of a person becoming addicted to it. That is why medical professionals are urged to make use of it very short term as well as to closely monitor the dose given. A person can become addicted to it within a couple of weeks. The body and mind will crave it, and that is what fuels the need for it to continually be used, leading to morphine addiction.

It is illegal to use morphine without a medical prescription for it. However, it is one of the top drugs sold out there on the black market. Even with law enforcement cracking down on the use of it, people continue to do so. You can face legal charges if you are caught with morphine in your possession that you haven’t been prescribed. You can also be charged with fraud if you go to several doctors in order to obtain a prescription for the same treatment.

The problem and the health risks can become more severe when a person is using morphine in conjunction with other drugs or alcohol. The body can start to shut down after prolonged use due to damage to the heart, kidneys, central nervous system, and airways. Early intervention for morphine addiction is very important.

When a person has been abusing morphine, there will be both physical changes and mental changes noticeable. The longer a person has been using morphine, the more evident these changes will become. That is because the amount of it that they use will also start to increase dramatically. A person that is addicted to morphine will look to be in pain, be more susceptible to bruising, and develop a yellowish tint to their skin. Rapid weight loss, hair loss, and premature signs of aging are common as well.

The mental state of a person is also altered when they use morphine at high doses or for a long period of time. This includes not being able to concentrate, severe mood swings, and not being able to process information like before. Short-term memory loss is also common in such individuals.

Many people fear treatment for morphine addiction due to the severity of the withdrawal process. Within a few hours, many people start to have symptoms of withdrawal, which is why they are so addicted to it. Most treatment facilities have ways to help make that withdrawal process easier for a person to go through. They will also treat the mental addiction to it after the detox process has been completed.

It can take several months for a person to start seeing the road to recovery from a morphine addiction as something achievable. This is because although the detox period can be only about seven to ten days, studies show that a person will continue to crave morphine for up to six months. This is longer than with any other form of narcotics.

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