Top 4 Questions To Ask Your Social Security Disability Lawyer in Bentonville

When recovering from a severe accident or illness, you might be worried about your bills, dealing with pain, medical visits, treatments, and tests. Being eligible for Social Security Disability assistance isn’t easy. Employing an experienced Bentonville social security disability attorney on your side will increase the chances of having your application approved.

Here are the top 4 questions to include in the first meeting before hiring a Social Security Disability lawyer.

  • What do you charge for providing your service?

While the cost and fees of hiring a skilled Social Security Disability attorney can differ, the SSA has a set limit to the amount lawyers are permitted to charge. The standard contingency fee amounts to 25% of anticipated SSD benefits in SSD claims. However, SSA set a maximum amount to $6,000 in attorney’s fees for its part.

Be aware that the structure of your attorney’s fees could change in case you were unsuccessful in the case and have to contest the decision in Federal Court. Be sure to inquire about costs in this case. It is also essential to ask about any additional expenses related to the claim and the cost of procuring medical records or consulting tests.

  • How often do you interact with your customers?

Take note of what you want before engaging with a Social Security Disability attorney. Are you looking to meet the Social Security Disability lawyer daily or receive updates regularly regarding your case? What level of involvement would you be most comfortable with?

Some people prefer only to be contacted when significant changes to their claim or when the attorney requires additional details. Some prefer regular communication and being kept informed of any developments, however minor. Learn what the norm is for the lawyer you’re talking to, and make sure they satisfy your communication requirements.

  • What is your approach in handling SSD claims?

Each SSD lawyer tackles claims differently and employs a variety of methods. Understanding how a lawyer will handle your case will allow you to determine if the two of you make a good match. The lawyer you choose to work with has these options available to him:

  • Medical Source Declarations (MSS): The MSS provided by a medical source treating you will describe the functional restrictions you are forced to endure due to your severe impairments.
  • Urgent hearings: There is a chance that you are eligible for the hearing earlier if you suffer from a terminal illness or are wounded. 
  • Consultations: Medical professionals examine you and provide recommendations on your diagnosis, prognosis, and limitations.
  • How to get in touch with you?

It is essential to communicate with your lawyer in the most efficient way possible. Some prefer to contact them with the help of a paralegal or other staff members. In contrast, others prefer direct contact through telephone, email, or text. Be sure that you are confident with the contact method they choose. Knowing that you can contact your lawyer and they’ll respond promptly to your inquiries could ease your mind regarding your SSD claim.

It’s a crucial decision to hire an attorney to handle your Social Security Disability (SSD) claim. Most SSD/SSDI claims can take more than a year to conclude, and some last for a decade. An SSD attorney is familiar with the rules and regulations and can assist you in ensuring your application is thorough and precise.

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