Top 5 Tips to Grow Your Spa Business

The spa industry has seen phenomenal growth and is now worth USD 20 Billion. Multiple studies have indicated that this run isn’t over and over the course of next 5 years, the industry is expected to clock a healthy growth rate of 7%. While this growth is being fuelled by a bunch of factors such as rising disposable incomes, and people seeking time to indulge themselves. Needless to state that this rising demand will lead to opening of more spas. For an industry characterized ever changing trends, and by businesses working on thin margins this translates into higher competition. So, whether you are a spa owner or a manager, if you want to survive and ace the competition, it is important that you constantly revisit your spa business management strategy. Here are our top 5 tips to help you grow your spa business.

Curate Bespoke Experiences

The first and foremost responsibility of managing a spa business is to have happy clients. With so much options out there, the expectations of guests are no longer limited to just getting the service. On the contrary, the focus is on having an experience. A journey of relaxation and rejuvenation. Therefore, junk the standard offerings and offer curated experiences, wherein each and every step of the journey is highly personalized and craftily executed. One of the easy ways to achieve this is have every client fill up a short questionnaire to identify their needs. One of the easy ways to achieve this is by creating and sharing a standard template. As soon as a guest shoots an inquiry, share them a sign up form, which seeks personal contact details and requires them to identify their issues such that you can better serve them. Instead of doing it manually, simply automate the process using a spa management software. Eliminate the need of paper trail, along with the possibility of loss of data and store everything digitally.

Sell that Retail

Retail sales make good contribution to your revenue, and an easy way to boost your revenues is by sending your guests home with some product. So, make sure that your guests are aware that you retail in the products that you use during the treatment and recommend for the time in-between the visits. One way to achieve this is by providing an explanation regarding why you are using a certain product for their skin. In between the conversation, you can highlight that you also retail the products at competitive prices. Often your guests would be more than happy to pick their supplies. The guests are happy to use the products to maintain their beauty and you get to improve your revenue. An alternative way to retail is so set up an e-store, linked with your inventory such that guests can order products online. Certain spa management software such as the one from Zenoti comes with a fully functional webstore. Through Zenoti webstore, you can empower your guests to book appointments, sign up for membership programs, buy gift cards and retail products, all through a single sign in window.

Deploy Effective Marketing Plan

An important part of your spa business management strategy should be to create an effective marketing plan. While there are many ways to market your spa services, it is important to find the right combination of strategies which work to boost your sales. An ideal marketing plan requires you to have both organic marketing methods and also deploy digital marketing tools. Some of the ways to engage with clients are social media advertisements, email marketing, influencer based marketing, AI based personalized marketing etc. A spa software can assist you in digital marketing by helping you in having a highly effective digital marketing plan hertube .

Get involved in local Community

Consider this as a two pronged approach, which works both towards building your brand and organically acquiring new clients. As a part of brand building, you have to ensure that your spa is visible. One of the ways to do so is by taking part in local charity events, fairs and festival. Aside from visibility, taking part in local events is also a great way to conduct word of mouth advertisement, by showcasing you and your team’s skills. One of the ways to have a productive engagement at charity events is to set up massage chairs and offer pro-bono head massage or back massages. Ideally, keep the turn-around time to about 15 minutes such that more and more people can get a sampler of your services. The other way could be to offer one time promotional discount coupons to anyone who books a service on the spot. By doing these, the word will spread about your brand and it will garner higher visibility.

Keep Yourself Updated

Last but not the least, being relevant is very important. The beauty and wellness industry is constantly transforming itself. Treatment options that are in vogue today can easily be out of favour tomorrow. Thus, as a part of managing a spa it is crucial that you keep yourself updated on the industry trends.  While there are multiple ways to do this, we do recommend reading on industry publications, attending expert talks and following spa-related blogs.

Finally, always bear in mind that people come to spa to have a great time, relax and unwind from their daily hustle and bustle. The more you and your team are able to give them that experience the happier they are to plan a next visit. So, happy growing!

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