Top Electric Bike Accessories For New Riders

Electric bicycles are used above all as a means of transport, so it is highly recommended to have panniers, baskets, trailers, and other ebike accessories to be able to transport our belongings. In addition, in electric bicycles, we must not forget the accessories related to safety, such as bell, lights, rear-view mirrors, reflectors, cycling helmets, and reflective vests, as well as a good lock.

Accessories for electric bicycles

When you think about using the electric bicycle, whether as a means of transportation, for exercise, or for any other reason, it is essential to prepare yourself with everything you need to ride comfortably and above all safely, whether you are traveling alone or with children or with pets. There are so many offerings of used bicycles for sale which can also provide you with the necessary bike accessories.

Among the most frequently used accessories we can mention the following:

Cycling helmet: protects the head from bumps in falls and other accidents. It must be in perfect condition and be of the exact size. The helmet protects by absorbing the impact of the blow to distribute it to a wider area of ​​the cranial surface, so it is essential to be absolutely sure that the helmet has not been involved in previous accidents. The ideal is to change the helmet after it has been hit during an accident or if it shows any damage visible to the naked eye.

Reflective vest: its purpose is that we can be seen by other road users. It is of very bright color and has reflective tapes placed in strategic areas to offer greater visibility. The reflective vest or garment is mandatory if you ride at night or in adverse light conditions, for example in fog or rain.

Retro-reflectors: at least at the rear and on the wheels, although a front reflector is also convenient. According to the regulations, cyclists must carry devices that allow them to be seen at a distance of 150 meters for greater safety. In the rear part, it must have a non-triangular red catadioptric device and yellow ones in the spokes of the wheels, while those of the pedals are usually optional.

Headlights and lights: both front and rear, they are essential to see and be seen in low light conditions or to drive at night. At the front, the light must be white, and at the rear red.

Child seats: the rear seat located on the rear wheel offers safety and allows children up to 20 kilos to be carried so that the child’s movements do not destabilize the cyclist. Some trailers and carts can be adapted to the electric bicycle to carry

Trailers and carts: they are very useful for those who have to transport children, pets, merchandise, and/or purchases.

Padlock: A good padlock and a chain to be able to secure the bike to a base anchored to the ground are essential to prevent theft. There are different types of locks and there are even some that have an alarm with a presence detector. Read also: What bike size do I need?

Rearview mirrors: they are very useful so that we can see what is behind us safely.

Bell: it is an important accessory for safety, which should not be missing since the bikes are very quiet and in many cases, pedestrians cannot hear it. In many cities its use is mandatory.

Bags, panniers, and baskets: panniers, bags, and cases allow you to safely transport belongings and/or tools.

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