Top Tech Tips When Traveling to Japan

Japan is an excellent place to visit for both leisure and business travelers. The birthplace of anime, the location of two of the three major video game consoles, and a wealth of beautiful scenery and intriguing culture and history can all be found in this country. Here are some helpful tech tips for your next business or leisure trip tp Japan.

1. Get a Data SIM Card:

Most mobile networks offer international roaming plans, and you will have to pay some costs associated with it. But these networks do not offer unlimited data. Also, when you are traveling to countries like Asia, the network coverage may not be as good as you expect it to be, so your speed may be throttled down to 2G. This will make it very difficult for you to access the Internet or even open Google Maps. Further, if you cross the limit of data that you have already paid for any excess data you use, you will be charged an exorbitant fee.

One option is to opt for a local SIM card by renting one once you land in the country. This could be an affordable solution, but it needs you to visit the store locally to collect the SIM card. Instead, you can purchase a data esim Japan card online, which can be activated as soon as you reach the destination. This will help you stay connected to the Internet always and access unlimited data.

2. Power Outlets and Adapters:

If you are traveling to Japan from the US, you need not worry about getting a different power adapter as Japan uses the same two-slot power outlet as you see in America. Hence, your charger will work fine here without the need for any adapter. If you are traveling from Europe, then you will not find any grounded outlet in Japan with 3 holes. You may need to use an adapter in such a scenario.

Also, you need to know that Japanese power outlets carry 100 volts, not 120 volts, as you will find in America and the UK. This means that the charging speed will be affected significantly. Charging your devices is not a problem here, but if you are trying to use appliances such as hair dryers that generate heat or use a lot of power, it can become a safety hazard. Hence, leave those appliances back in your home.

3. Get Prepaid Smart Cards to Make Purchases:

When you visit a different continent, finding cultural changes is very common. For example, in Japanese cities, cash is still the king. Credit cards are definitely accepted by major retailers, but you will not find them to be commonly used in daily purchases. Further, carrying cash around, mainly a large number of yen coins when you’re traveling out and about in the city, is not really convenient.

Keeping this in mind, you can access prepaid smart cards such as PASMO that offer good functionality. These prepaid cards help you make small purchases easily with a single tap. Most stores and retailers accept this card. It is really convenient to carry the prepaid card along with you every day while you are traveling in Japan. Just ensure that before you end your trip, you make use of all the balance on your card. Recharging it heavily is not advisable. You better do small recharges and use the money so that when you leave the country, you exhaust all the balance.

When making travel arrangements to Japan, keep in mind these tech advices so that you can get around and stay connected with ease.

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