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TypeScript is an open-source, cross-platform programming language used for writing code for web applications, mobile apps, and more. It’s an excellent choice for developers with experience in Java or JavaScript. The most valuable TypeScript is for financial solutions or systems with advanced security demands. 

JavaScript was one of the most popular programming languages worldwide for years. Why is TypeScript regaining its leadership? It’s easy to use and has strong typing, which guaranty the more protected realization of the client side of the software or application compared to JS. At the same time, to translate the JS into TS, it’s enough to take a standard compiler. The typeScript was designed to make code more concise, efficient, and error-free. If you want to develop your web projects in TypeScript, there are some best practices to follow.

Typescript consulting

If you need professional TS development services, a Typescript consulting agency like Serokell is ready to introduce their skills to develop applications with Typescript or other typed programming languages. You can hire them and discuss your project for a better expert opinion. You can discuss the budget and other things with the service provider and professionally get your project done.

The Benefits of Typescript

  • Typescript is designed to be fast and efficient, which can improve the overall productivity of developers.
  • Typescript makes it possible to create robust, cross-platform, more reliable and easier-to-maintain applications.
  • Typescript is easily convertible into JavaScript.
  • This means developers can use their favorite programming languages on top of Typescript, making the development process more convenient for everyone involved.

Tips for Developing Typescript Applications

Use Typescript to write programs in a concise, easy-to-read style. Typescript is an imperative programming language that makes writing code more concise and efficient. This can be helpful when building innovative applications or fintech solutions. Check this post for more details about TS features.

Use Typescript to Design Financial Tools

Developing reliable, secure, and invulnerable financial solutions demand programmers to use relevant language for the frontend. Here Typescript works much better than JS. By keeping your app up-to-date user interface written in TS, you’ll be able to avoid many weak points JS has and save time in your testing and development process!


Many options are available if you’re looking to develop secured cross-platform applications for the backend, but for the frontend is only a Typescript programming language. Using Typescript to write programs and build applications, you can design protected, up-to-date financial tools and other applications and avoid common coding mistakes. In addition, using TypeScript to write code makes it more concise and reliable, leading to faster development. Overall, Typescript is a great tool for developing cross-platform applications that are reliable and concise.

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